MediaWise® is the movement for everyone who cares about kids. It explains what media are doing to our children and youth and what we can do about it. MediaWise is an initiative of the National Institute on Media and the Family, a non-profit organization. MediaWise
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Switch helps promote increased physical activity, sound nutritional choices, and moderated screen time in an effort to enhance the overall health of children. Learn More
"What Parents Need to Know NOW"
With answers to this question & many more Dr. Walsh shares the real instigator of adolescent angst. Learn More
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10th Annual MediaWise® Video Game Report Card: Console Makers Have Evolved, Ratings Have Devolved, Most Retailers Take Step Backward, More...
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2005 Video Game
Report Card

ESRB M RatingRisk to children continues to grow in 2005.
Institute calls for Ratings Summit.
2005 Parent Buying Guide
2005 Parent Buying Guide
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