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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster: Best Home Remedies

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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster: Best Home RemediesThe majority of people are wishing to have strong and healthy hair. Both women and men are worrying about the appearance of their hairstyles. There is nothing strange about it, since thick and healthy hair makes a person look younger.

Nonetheless, there are few people, who can boast with beautiful hair. Many of us have a great deal of various problems, which make our hair look weak and dull.

The present article will help you to learn different factors, which determine the condition of your hair. You will find in this reading that not only a huge number of diseases or bad inheritance affect your hair, but also you can damage it easily by your everyday activities.

The article will also help you to choose the best treatment for strong hair, since it has a plenty of information on both professional and home remedies.

Causes of Slow Hair Growth

As far as you can guess, there is a great deal of factors, which can lead to the decrease of hair growth. Before considering in a panic various health problems afflicting the hair growth, think thoroughly about your everyday habits.

The Way You Treat Your Hair

The first important thing is the way you treat your hair. Do you dye it regularly? May be you use a hair dryer on a daily basis? Do you like to have your hair straightened, permed or crimped? In case the right answer is yes, you should not be surprised that your hair has lost its strength and beauty.

Dying your hair with chemical cosmetics damages the hair structure strongly. The hair becomes thin and dried as well as prone to splitting and falling out. Mechanical or thermal straightening, perming and crimping of your hair leads to the same effects. Thus, there is no surprise you have difficulties with breeding beautiful curls on your head.

Unhealthy Nutrition

Moreover, inappropriate diet have a very bad influence on the condition of your hair. When your diet is not balanced, there is no way you will have healthy hair. In case you make your organism suffer from the lack of essential substances, it will focus on maintaining the right condition of your internal organs, rather than your hair. That is why some strict or crash diets may cause beauty problems.

Health Issues

There are also many health issues, which can stop the growth of your hair. First of all, even healthy women, being in the period of menopause or pregnant usually have problems with their air, which is a result of hormonal imbalance.

Nonetheless, hormonal imbalance is not always a natural state of your organism. For example, people with the decreased level of testosterone as well as with thyroid disorder tend to have problems with their hair.

Second of all, there are many skin malaises, which can weaken hair follicles or even make your hair pull out. For instance, seborrheic dermatitis can cause an itching sensation on your scalp, as well as the loss of hair.

There are also many skin infections, which can be blamed for a bad condition of your hair. Ringworm and lupus are rather widespread skin diseases affecting hair follicles.

Don’t forget, that in case you are treating some other illnesses with chemical medications, your hair may also be susceptible to the damage. For example, the remedies for gout, high blood pressure, heart diseases, arthritis, depression, anticonvulsants, anabolic steroids, beta-blockers as well as birth control pills can affect the condition of your hair badly.


You should also remember that stress could be a culprit for any possible malaise a human being may have. Thus, stress could have an influence on the health of your hair as well.

Professional Treatment for Faster Hair Growth

Now, when you have learnt the major reasons of weak hair, you should know what strategy for healing your hair to choose.

Consult Your Doctor

In case you are undergoing the treatment of the diseases we have described above, you should consult your medical assistance for getting the changes in your medication. Do not alter anything yourself, since it is your health that is the most important.

You should also contact a medical provider if the bad condition of your hair is connected with menopause and other hormonal imbalances, and especially providing you are pregnant. Remember that it is strongly prohibited to take any supplements without consulting your doctor if you are expecting.

If you have any of the skin problems described in the previous part of the article, you need to treat it immediately. Of course, you should visit a medical worker first in order to have an examination and appropriate prescription.

Change Your Diet

In case you are supposing, that your hair problems are the result of a poor diet, you can change it yourself.


First of all, you need to consume more proteins, which can be found in eggs, lean meat, fish and poultry. If you are a vegetarian, you shouldn’t worry, since you can get proteins with nuts, beans and soy products. Remember, that you won’t have healthy hair without proteins, since these substances give your organism amino acids, which are then constructing keratin – the main ingredient of our hair.

Vitamin C

In order to prevent the breakage of your hair, you need to take an enough amount of vitamin C. This vitamin is essential for making new cells of your hair. As you may know, new hair cells can be produced with the help of collagen, which can’t be synthetized without vitamin C. Thus, you shouldn’t ignore the role of this vitamin and consume it daily with vegetables and fruit.

Zinc and Iron

It is impossible to have healthy hair if you have zinc and iron deficiencies. The role of zinc is that it supports a healthy condition of hair follicles, whereas iron transmits oxygen to these parts of your scalp, as well as to other tissues of your body.

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster: Best Home Remedies
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