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How to Lower Bilirubin Naturally: Best Diet to Lower Bilirubin Levels

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How to Lower Bilirubin Naturally: Best Diet to Lower Bilirubin Levels
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The only side effect is that your baby’s skin may seem to be reddish or bleached, but it is a natural part of the treatment, which will go away once it is over. The therapy can successfully lower the bilirubin level in infants.

In most cases one of the above described therapies should work and the bilirubin lever should stabilize. It rarely happens that high levels of bilirubin in infants are caused by infections or other more serious medical problems and the above mentioned solutions do not work. Then, some medications or a blood transfusion may be required.

How to Take Care of Your Liver

Problems with high levels of bilirubin in blood are usually the consequence of poor functioning of your liver. Therefore, if you experience such symptoms as pain or discomfort in your liver area, heartburn or acid reflux, troubles with losing weight, and having problems with the digestion of fatty foods, you liver might need a detox.

You can detoxify your liver naturally by consuming food products which will remove the toxins out of your liver and the rest of your body. First of all, you should eat a lot of citrus fruits as they are rich in antioxidants and they promote the formation of enzymes which your liver needs to do its daily tasks.

Secondly, stay well hydrated by drinking a lot of mineral water and green tea. Mineral water will flush the toxins out of your body while green tea is a natural antioxidant which will detoxify your liver. Start and finish your day with a cup of green tea and sip water throughout the day.

Leafy green vegetables are a great choice too as they are packed with vitamins and minerals, but they can also absorb the toxins from your organism and clean your body from the inside. Beets should be the part of your everyday diet too as they are rich in antioxidants and they can successfully detoxify your liver and the whole of your body.

Last but not least, eat avocado every day as it is packed with all the healthy nutrients. It can also cleanse your liver from all the harmful toxins. Add avocados to your salads, sandwiches, you can even use it instead of butter to your bread.

If you want to have a detoxified, healthy liver, you also need to avoid certain things. For sure, alcohol and cigarettes should only be used by you on special occasions as they can permanently damage your liver if you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes regularly.

Pay attention to your diet too as fatty, salty, and over-processed foods may also harm this extremely important body organ. Instead, make fruits and vegetables the most important part of your diet. Sugar is not a good idea either, but if you have a sweet tooth, go for home-made desserts or just eat a natural yogurt mixed with fresh fruit.

If you take care of your liver on a daily basis, you will quickly see that high bilirubin level is not your problem anymore and that you generally feel and look better.

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