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How to Lower Bilirubin Naturally: Best Diet to Lower Bilirubin Levels

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How to Lower Bilirubin Naturally: Best Diet to Lower Bilirubin Levels
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You can get roasted barley powder at a pharmacy or at a herbal store. You only need to dissolve it in a glass of water, add some honey to it and drink the solution once a day. Barley is also rich in vitamins and minerals so it will have a positive influence on your general health.

3.     Red Vegetables and Fruits

Some studies have proved that fruit and vegetables which are red may significantly contribute to the decrease of bilirubin in your blood. Therefore, go for beets, tomatoes, strawberries, and all the other red fruits and vegetables as if you consume them regularly, it is probable that they will help you get rid of the problem.

4.     Radishes

If you have access to fresh radishes, you should consume them as often as it is possible. They are light and low in calories, but they are packed with vitamins and minerals. Regular consumption of radishes will improve the functioning of your liver. What’s more, it is often recommended to eat radishes when you deal with jaundice.

5.     Nutritious Food

If you deal with high levels of bilirubin, a general piece of advice for you is to eat healthily as nutritious food will help you maintain and improve the functioning of your liver. When your liver works properly, it removes the toxins out of your body and it can effectively transform bilirubin into bile.

Therefore, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, whole grains, and fish should be the foundation of your diet. At the same time avoid over-processed and fatty foods as they can slower the functioning of your liver and in effect increase the level of bilirubin in your blood.

How to Lower Bilirubin Levels – Other Tips to Follow

It may happen that a diet will not be enough to decrease the level of bilirubin in your organism. Therefore, there are some steps which you should follow if you want to get rid of the problem permanently. It is important not to ignore the problem as high levels of bilirubin may indicate more serious health problems.

1.     Go to a Doctor

A problem of high bilirubin level must not be ignored and if you suspect that the issue refers to you too, you need to consult your doctor. The production of bilirubin may relate to various health problems, for example, you may develop unconjugated jaundice, which means that there is a problem even before bilirubin is created. It is often the consequence of hemolytic anemia or a blood clot.

Jaundice may also develop during the bilirubin production. It may happen due to autoimmune diseases, consuming too much alcohol, taking certain medicines, such as steroids, birth control pills, or acetaminophen, or it may be caused by viruses, for example Epstein-Barr or hepatitis.

Jaundice may also develop because some problems appear after the production of bilirubin. It may be caused by pancreas or gallbladder diseases. No matter what the cause of jaundice is, it always has to be consulted with a doctor.

2.     Cut Down on Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the greatest enemies of your liver as it can seriously damage it. As a consequence, it may lead to the increased levels of bilirubin. Alcohol damages the liver in three areas. First of all, it can cause so called fatty liver disease, in which excess fat accumulates in the liver cells. The disease does not give clear symptoms for a long time, but you may suffer from discomfort and fatigue.

Overconsumption of alcohol may also end up with alcoholic hepatitis, which is the inflammation and scarring of the liver. It is a serious and life-threatening condition, which causes such symptoms as pain in the abdomen, vomiting, fever, and jaundice. Overconsuming of alcohol is one of the main causes of hepatitis, but it can also be a result of autoimmune hepatitis or viral hepatitis.

Additionally, alcohol seriously disrupts the functioning of the liver, which leads to cirrhosis of the organ. Its main symptom is severe liver scarring and the inability of the liver to process the consumed food and to eliminate the toxins from the blood.

Therefore, everybody should limit their alcohol consumption, but if you deal with high level of bilirubin, you should be double conscious about it and drink alcohol on special occasions only.

3.     Lose Some Weight

Various studies have proved that obesity is even more harmful to your liver than drinking alcohol. In fact, fatty liver is a condition which may affect even children if they are obese. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is crucial if you want to decrease your bilirubin levels. Of course, the best way to do it is by keeping a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

The types of food which improve the functioning of your liver are those rich in fiber so consume a lot of whole grains, fresh or dried fruits, vegetables, and fish. At the same time, however, you should avoid foods which may damage your liver and these include sweets, fatty and salty foods, fried or uncooked meat and shellfish.

4.     Get Vaccinated

If you want to protect your liver, get vaccinated against hepatitis A, B, and C as these are the viruses which may permanently damage your liver if you catch any of them. Every child should get vaccinated against hepatitis B just after being born.

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