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How to Increase Estrogen Naturally: 10 Foods to Boost Estrogen Levels

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How to Increase Estrogen Naturally: 10 Foods to Boost Estrogen Levels
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How to Increase Estrogen Naturally - 10 Foods to Boost Estrogen LevelsBoth men and women produce estrogen naturally. It is a hormone which is essential for both sexes to stay healthy, however women need more of it to function properly and they also suffer from hormonal imbalance much more frequently than men.

Find out if you are at risk of having a low level of estrogen, see what the common symptoms of the issue are, and read about the best foods which will help you increase the level of estrogen naturally.

Why Is Estrogen Important

Estrogen is essential for a girl to develop healthily and later to function normally. This hormone is, for example, responsible for female puberty, for a healthy menstruation cycle and without estrogen women would not be able to get pregnant. Women’s breasts develop and later change during pregnancy due to estrogen.

However, it also plays other important roles in your organism. For example, it takes part in the metabolism of cholesterol. It regulates your body weight and intake of food. Moreover, it is responsible for the metabolism of glucose and for keeping healthy bones. Therefore, any abnormalities in the level of estrogen may lead to serious health problems and a number of unpleasant symptoms.

The Causes and Symptoms of Low Estrogen Level

The most common cause of a low level of estrogen is the time of menopause among women. However, younger females sometimes deal with this problem too. For example, it is a common problem of women who deal with anorexia, who have gone a radiation treatment, or who have had their reproductive organs partially or completely removed.

You may suspect a low level of estrogen if you suffer from such symptoms as unexplained mood swing, depression, fatigue, headaches, and hot flashes. Other signs include frequent urinary tract infections, tenderness of breasts, irregular periods or even lack of them, and painful sex caused by poor vaginal lubrication.

You should be alarmed especially if you are a middle-aged woman who may have started her menopause time. Do not ignore the symptoms as a low level of estrogen can not only lower the quality of your life, buy it can also lead to serious complications. Estrogen cooperates with calcium and vitamin D to keep your bones strong. Thus, osteoporosis, which is the increased fragility of your bones, is a common condition of women in their post-menopausal age.

Have Your Estrogen Level Tested

If you are in the risk group of having a low level of estrogen or you experience any of the symptoms described in the previous section, do not hesitate and go to a doctor. You must also be aware that a high level of estrogen is dangerous too as it may lead to breast cancer, ovarian cysts, or menstrual disturbances. Therefore, if your observe any abnormalities in your menstrual periods, you should have the level of your hormones tested.

There are various possible ways to test the level of hormones, but blood tests are recommended by doctors most commonly. Before your doctor orders you to do the tests, he will ask you detailed questions about the medicines or supplements you take, about your medical history and the symptoms you suffer from.

The results tests, however, are not always reliable because the level of estrogen may drastically change depending on the day of your cycle. Nevertheless, together with your medical history and the character of your symptoms, the results may significantly help your doctor adjust the best therapy for you.

There are different kinds of medical therapies, which can effectively increase the level of estrogen in your organism. They include skin patches, pills, rings, or creams. Also, remember not to start any hormonal therapy on your own and never stop a recommended treatment without the consultation with your doctor.

How to Increase Estrogen Naturally – 10 Foods to Boost Estrogen Levels

If you have a low level of estrogen, you should consume the food products which are listed in this section. They will naturally increase the level of the hormone. Additionally, you should avoid these foods if you know that there is too much of estrogen in your organism.

1.     Flaxseed

Flaxseed is often recommended to women in their menopausal age as it can naturally boost the production of estrogen. Its most powerful compound is known as lignan, which is a polyphenol that increases the level of estrogen. What’s more, women who undergo menopause often put on weight and flaxseed can help in this matter too as it is rich in fiber. These amazing seeds have also the ability to lower the level of cholesterol.

As flaxseed is also a great source of omega-3s, it can prevent heart attacks or strokes when consumed regularly. Omega-3s obtained from plants work differently than those obtained from animal sources as they can prevent your arteries from hardening. Therefore, try to include flaxseed into your everyday diet. You can use this plant in a number of ways. For example, add it to your soups, smoothies, and salads. You can also pour hot water over a tablespoon of flaxseed and drink the liquid.

2.     Dried Fruits

Dried fruits, such as prunes, dates, and apricots can be a wonderful, natural solution to problems with estrogen. The compound of dried fruits which can increase the level of this hormone in your organism is known as phytoestrogens. Moreover, dried fruits are a healthy snack which you can consume throughout your day instead of sweets.

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