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How to Get Water Out of Your Ear – Best 10 Home Remedies

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How to Get Water Out of Your Ear - Best 10 Home RemediesNobody likes having water in their ears, for example after a shower or taking a swim. Normally, earwax is useful in keeping the water out of the deeper parts of the ear, but sometimes water gets in there anyway and causes an unpleasant or even a painful sensation. Not to mention, the hearing loss, which may be significant depending on the amount of fluid in the affected ear.

Therefore, for the times when it happens to you, try to remember these easy to implement home remedies for this problem.

A simple warning first: if you think that an excess of fluid is in your ears avoid simply using q-tips, inserting earplugs or any other objects into your ears. By trying to dislodge water this way you will likely push it deeper and not only increase the difficulty of removing it, but may also damage your ears.
The first piece of advice for this situation is: do not act rashly and think your actions through, so you can avoid damaging this very delicate organ.
The second is just as simple:

1. Valsava maneuver

Valsalva maneuver
A complicated name for a simple action. Hold your nostrils closed with your fingers and gently try to blow some air through your nose. The increased pressure on your ear canal should empty the water from your ears. Be careful and only blow gently, because if you blow too hard you may damage your ear drums.

2. Vacuum

Place your hand against the affected ear and then tilt your head that the ear is downwards. Slowly remove your hand so that the gravity and the vacuum created in this way suck the water out of the ear. Repeat a few times if necessary, although you may also try using a fingertip gently inserted into the opening of your ear canal instead of a hand held against your ear.

3. Hot air

If the situation is really irritating you could try to clear your ear by using a blow dryer. First of all, this is not a preferred method because not all dryers are suitable for it. Your drier must be set at the lowest possible temperature and power to avoid burns. Remember to hold the drier far away from your ear and be very careful during this procedure.

4. Heat

Place some steaming water in a bowl and a towel over your head to inhale the steam. Do this for a few minutes and then slowly tilt your head sideways so the affected ear is downwards and wait for the water to flow out.

5. Rubbing alcohol and vinegar

Rubbing alcohol and vinegar
An old but effective remedy is to use a mixture of rubbing alcohol and vinegar to clear water-filled ear. The first will help dry the water out of your ear, while the second will kill all germs in there and help prevent infection. Mix them evenly and then using a dropper put 3 drops in your ear. Keeping your head straight gently massage the area around the opening of the ear canal for thirty minutes and finally, tilt your head so the fluid can flow out.

6. Lie down for a bit

Simply resting for a bit with the affected ear downwards may do the trick. Just give it time and try not to move too much. Few minutes of resting this way should be enough. Maybe something interesting is on the TV? Lay down on the side to watch it and the problem is likely to go away on its own. Gravity is a powerful force and very useful when we know how to use it, such as in this case.

7. Chewing

The way your jaw is moving while you chew massages the ear canal slightly, so if water or other fluids gets into your ear find a snack to chase it away. Chewing gum is an excellent choice for this sort of treatment. For better results tilt your head slightly to the side of the affected ear. This way the water ejected from your Eustachian tubes can more easily leave your body.

8. Hydrogen Peroxide

hydrogen peroxide
This substance is excellent for cleaning your ears from all sorts of obstructions. Simply put four drops of three percent hydrogen peroxide in the offending ear. After a few minutes wait tilt your head downwards so that the fluid may flow out. This method may tickle a bit and produce unusual sounds during the wait, but it is certainly very effective. Remember to only use the three percent Hydrogen Peroxide or you will likely damage your ears.

9. Salt

Thanks to its water absorption qualities, salt may be used as a treatment in the case of water blocked ears. First place a small quality of salt, around a tablespoon worth, in the microwave and heat it up a bit. Then pour it on a cotton cloth and wrap it up tightly. The treatment itself is simple, just hold the warm salt in the cotton wrapper next to your ear canal for three minutes so that the salt is allowed to absorb the moisture from the ear.

10. Olive oil

Olive Oil
Olive oil can be used in a way that combines the method for the rubbing alcohol and vinegar mixture and the usage of salt. A small quantity of olive oil must be warmed up in a small bowl using any way, such as in the microwave. Then a few drops of warm olive oil should be inserted into the ear canal using a dropper. After 10 minutes you should tilt your head to allow the fluid to leave your ear. Olive oil has antiseptic qualities so the chance of ear infection is also lessened. You may even insert it before swimming to prevent the whole dilemma.

How to Get Water Out of Your Ear – Best 10 Home Remedies
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