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How to Get Rid of Clogged Ears – Top 10 Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Clogged Ears - Top 10 Home RemediesProbably everyone knows how uncomfortable a feeling is when you have clogged or blocked ears. Whenever the cause is the flu, water after a swim, sinus congestion or any other from myriad possible causes the experience is quite unpleasant. Hearing loss alone can be a huge factor in everyday life, so understandably you would want to end this condition as fast as possible.

In this article various tried and tested home treatments are presented that can swiftly and effectively help you with such a problem. Simply choose those you have ingredients for or those most suitable depending on the causes of your blocked ears and try them out until the condition is safely in the past. Of course, if you have a cold unblocking your ears may be short lived and may return as long as you are ill. In that case try to cure the root cause at the same time as the result to make sure your hearing will remain undimmed longer.

1. Check for an infection

The first step is to make sure whenever you have a serious ear infection. In such a case it is imperative to avoid certain method described below (numbers two, four, five, seven and eight) as they will likely not be able to help you. So it is safe to assume that the situation is very serious if you have any of the following symptoms: fever, diarrhea, vomiting or a mucus leaving your ear. A visit to the doctor is possibly a best course of action in that case. Otherwise, feel free to use the methods below to unblock your ear or ears.

2. Yawning

If possible try to yawn a few times to clear your ears, thinking about a nice long sleep should help, but tailor that fantasy as you seem fit, as long as you start yawning. It will happen because during yawning you use a wide range of muscles around your jaw and ears. This will massage your ear canal and force the obstruction out of your ears. Keep yawning until you feel a slight pop in your ears or the obstruction is gone.

3. Rubbing alcohol and vinegar

An old but effective remedy is to use a mixture of rubbing alcohol and vinegar to clear clogged ears. The first will help dry the fluid out of your ear, while the second will kill all germs in there and prevent or combat infections. Mix them evenly and then using a dropper put few drops in your ear. Keeping your head straight gently massage the area around the opening of the ear canal for ten minutes and finally, tilt your head so the fluid can flow out. Use a q-tip if the obstruction prove to be solid, but be very careful in its use to avoid damaging your ear membranes!

4. Heat

Ensuring that some steam gets in your ear will not make the situation worse, it should help you instead. Whenever thanks to a hot shower or a towel soaked in warm water and placed against the ear, twenty minutes of such steam therapy should suffice to unblock your ears. Do not hold the drier too close to your ear, start at arm’s length and slowing bring it closer to make sure that you won’t make the situation worse. Remember to tilt your head so the affected ear is downwards to more easily remove the obstruction.

5. Valsava Maneuver

This maneuver has a very complicated name, but is quite easy to implement. Hold your nostrils closed with your fingers and gently try to blow some air through your nose. The increased pressure on your ear canal should unclog your ears. Be careful and only blow gently, because if you blow too hard you may damage your ear drums.

6. Olive Oil

Olive Oil
If the obstruction in your ears seem solid try to use some olive oil to soften it. Use a dropper to put few drops of olive oil in the ear. After waiting for around 10 minutes very carefully and gently use a q-tip to clean the ear. Make sure that you do not damage this delicate organ. Instead of olive oil, baby or mineral oil should also do the trick.

7. Hydrogen Peroxide

hydrogen peroxide
This substance is excellent for cleaning your ears from all sorts of obstructions. Simply put four drops of three percent hydrogen peroxide in the offending ear. After a few minutes wait tilt your head downwards so that the fluid may flow out. This method may tickle a bit and produce unusual sounds during the wait, but it is certainly very effective. Remember to use only the three percent Hydrogen Peroxide, because any stronger concentration may prove harmful to your ears and skin.

8. Gargle

Sometimes a nasal congestion is the cause of the clogged ears and require different methods to clear. The correct treatment in such a case is to gargle a mixture of salt and warm water, one tablespoon and one cup respectively, for around twenty seconds each time until you feel relief.

9. Chewing gum

Chewing gum
In case of ear blockade because of an abrupt air pressure change, for example during an airplane landing, an easy and effective treatment is to just chew some gum. Regular jaw movement will stimulate your Eustachian tubes and rebalance the air pressure in your ear canal, ultimately unblocking your ears. Only a most obstinate obstruction or one caused by an infection will resist this method.

10. Garlic Oil drops

Garlic Oil drops
Heat up some olive oil with two small pieces of garlic in it. Allow it cool until the liquid is slightly above room temperature (pleasantly warm) and using a dropper insert few drops of the liquid into the affected ear. This combination of natural antibiotics will combat the possible infection, while the oily liquid should loosen the obstruction. So that after some ten minutes you can try to tilt that ear downwards and wait for the remains of the liquid to escape.

How to Get Rid of Clogged Ears – Top 10 Home Remedies
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