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How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Quickly: Best Home Remedies

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Eucalyptus oil, a common ingredient of rubs and ointments helps loosen phlegm. If your stuffy nose is accompanied by a cough, you should try rubbing eucalyptus ointment in your chest. It will give you an instant relief, even though – just like vitamin C – it doesn’t directly fight the congestion. It has, however, strong antibacterial effects. In order to let it penetrate the skin better, apply a small amount of eucalyptus oil rub on your chest before bedtime, wrap a cloth around your neck and cover yourself with a blanket or a duvet. You will notice a huge difference just after one night.
Eucalyptus oil also does miracles when used for inhalations. It is recommendable to use it interchangeably with menthol oil in the inhalation therapy.

I need a doctor

If you think you’ve tried it all and after seven days the symptoms of nasal congestion still don’t go away, you should contact your doctor as you may need to get some antibiotics prescribed. In case you notice some alarming signs like fever, swelling of the forehead, cheeks or eyes that occur with blurred vision, one-sided nose bleeds, continuous facial or tooth pain or nasal discharge of an unusual colour or smell, you should contact your doctor immediately.

How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Quickly: Best Home Remedies
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