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How to Get Rid of a Headache or Migraine Fast – 10 Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of a Headache or Migraine Fast - Home RemediesUnfortunately, everyone knows how painful a headache or a migraine can be. However, we hope is that this tried and tested home therapies for migraines presented below will prove useful and make your life bearable once again on the day you need them. After all, simple constant pain will ruin pretty much anyone’s day and may even affect people around you. Not to mention, the common additional symptoms that accompany the headaches and migraines, for example nausea, lightheadedness or sensitivity to strong stimuli, such as bright light or strong sounds.

Presented below are various home remedies that should help you when this unpleasant calamity strikes.

An honorable mention belongs to standard over the counter pain medication, but this article is about alternative remedies so let us start with that and leave the pills in the drawer where they belong.

1. Dehydration

A common reason for a headache is dehydration, therefore simply drinking some water may bring relief in a short order. A glass of water at the first sign of a migraine and small sips throughout the day may be the correct treatment for a tough day.
Sports drinks may be used as substitutes, but only in moderation, thanks to the electrolytes they contain. Scientific research has proven that drinks that contain alcohol such as beer, are not only unhelpful, but may make your headache worse by dehydrating your body at the worst possible time.

2. The temperature therapy

Applying a cold compress to your forehead should in just a few minutes bring relief from headache thanks to improving the blood circulation in that area. Otherwise, placing a towel suffused with hot water at the back of your head will relax your muscles and also lessen that throbbing pain. Each person should try for themselves which version of this therapy is more effective in their case and simply use their preferred method when the migraine strikes. Compresses are only one version of this treatment, taking a hot or cold shower could be more effective in your case.

3. A small dose of caffeine

If your body did not receive any caffeine that day a small cup of coffee may be just what you need to relieve pain from a headache. A larger amount could be the reason for that miserable state, so watch yourself! In the case that the coffee is not your thing, substitute it with a small soda, a small bar of chocolate or a cup of tea, but remember to choose only one item from that list.

4. The effect of the environment

Bright light and loud noises are especially unpleasant to experience during a migraine so it should be logical to avoid them at that time. If it is possible, try to sit in a shade or dim light, maintain maximum distance from sources of loud music (which may include other people) or wear sunglasses for simple pain relief. Noise-cancelling headphones may prove to be a good purchase for a person often suffering from headaches.

5. Drinks

While point 1 already discussed some methods of combating headaches by drinking (although not the common sort of “drinking”) there are other liquids that may nourish your body and help with a migraine at the same time. Herbal teas with lavender, peppermint or ginger will help you relax and help with the pain. Grape juice from real grapes (so no grape flavored alternatives here please) contains vitamins and trace elements that will swiftly deal with a headache and it is super tasty as a bonus.

6. Massages

Migraines often occur because of stress and/or muscle pains. Simply massaging your neck and temples may prove beneficial. Gently massaging temples or neck in small circles using only fingertips for a few minutes can make a huge difference whenever the headache disappears slowly or swiftly.
If possible dip your fingers in eucalyptus oil or just in ice cold water for better effects. Cold water will improve circulation in the massaged area which will lessen the headache, while eucalyptus is a natural remedy in the case of inflammation or pain, so it is a perfect fit for massaging a migraine away.

7. Apples

The scent of them may scare the headache away, but in the cause it did not work try inhaling from apple cider vinegar (three to four tablespoons) dissolved in a large bowl of steamy water. Hold a towel over your head and keep breathing in the steam for at least 10 minutes to really give that headache a fright.

8. Herbal compresses

Herbal compresses
Aside from hot or cold water there are other helpful things that may be applied to your forehead in such trying circumstances. Cinnamon grinded in a powder and then made into a paste with warm water is an effective pain relief method. Simply apply the paste to your forehead and lie down for around thirty minutes to deal with a migraine. Do remember to wash it off later, preferably with lukewarm water, after all such a paste is not very becoming.

9. Betel leaves

Betel leaves
Just chewing one or two such leaves will help with a migraine, although they are also useful as a material for a face mask. Grind them into a paste and apply to your pain-filled forehead. After around twenty five minutes you should feel relief even from the worst kinds of migraines.

10. Nutty migraine prevention

Adding nuts to your diet will help prevent future headaches, because they contain many trace elements and salicin, which is a common ingredient of over the counter pain medications. So the next time a migraine strikes chomp down on some nuts instead of swallowing pills, the pain relieving effects will be the same, while nuts will also help with your overall health.

How to Get Rid of a Headache or Migraine Fast – 10 Home Remedies
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