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How to Get Rid of a Double Chin – Top 10 Home Remedies



How to Get Rid of a Double Chin - Top 10 Home RemediesYou can fight with your double chin and win! It is a natural phenomenon connected with aging, because our skin loses elasticity over time. The sagging folds that occur under our chin creating a second one can be fought and eliminated thanks to simple and natural home treatments presented in this article.

There is a sad truth that must be accepted: Someone who is not at least a little overweight is unlikely to have double chin. An appropriate diet and quitting smoking can help with this considerably. Surgery is also an effective option, but it is unsurprisingly expensive, therefore the home treatments presented in this article are more likely to be of use. They require ingredients that are likely in your home already or are quite simple to buy.
An important point is that most of them require determination and repetition to bring best results, so you must be prepared for this.
Without further ado, let us get started on the ways to make you look younger, healthier and more attractive.

1. Hiding it

There are various ways to make double chin less prominent. Whenever by subtly adding some makeup to darken the neck area and divert attention to other parts of the face or by changing the way you dress. Men should also consider growing a beard to hide the chin.
Recommended hair styles for this purpose are a medium cut slightly below the chin level, a long bob, a front angled haircut or layered waves. Many famous people used these hairstyles to hide in plain sight various unpleasant facial defects simply by changing their face symmetry.

2. Sugarless gum

While chewing gum is a pleasurable activity for many people, little do they know that it also strengthens their jaw muscles and counters the development of an additional chin. The sugarless variety also helps with caring for your teeth and gums. Chewing gum few times a day will really help you in the long run with the double chin problem. Remember not to litter afterwards!

3. Reconsider clothing choices

You may feel a need to wear high-collared clothing in an instinctive need to hide the problem, but it is the worst thing you could do. Instead, try to wear low-necked clothes and so draw the attention to other parts of your body. Also, take care of your posture and stand tall. Not only it will help with self-confidence it will make you look better.

4. Exercises: Chin lifts

Chewing gum, changing clothes and makeup choices do not require as much effort as what I will start to describe now, but it is just as important. Three times a day try to do several repetitions of the following exercises.
Let us start with something simple: keeping the spine straight tilt your head slowly upwards and then pucker your lips as if to kiss the ceiling. Hold this position for a few seconds and then relax your muscles and look straight ahead as normal. Do at least ten repetitions each time.

5. Exercises: Neck rotations and stretches

In a seating or standing position tilt your chin sideways until it is parallel to your shoulder, then slowly make a wide circle with your chin starting downwards. Di it alternatively clockwise and counterclockwise.

6. Exercises: Tongue pointing (not in public)

This one may look a bit silly, but it is certainly effective in exercising muscles. Sit comfortably and relax your jaw and neck muscles. Open your mouth wide and stick your tongue as far out as you can until you feel muscles tighten. Keep this position for 10 seconds for each repetition.

7. The diet

This advice is as simple as it gets: losing weight should only help in the double chin department. Methods to achieve this goal are many and depend on various factors, such as age, lifestyle or gender. The simplest approach is to limit calorie intake and exercise more often, but a different method may work out better for you. Seek the advice of professionals and devise the plan most likely to help you.

8. Vitamin E

Vitamin E
One thing you should include in your diet is an increase in your vitamin E intake, as it will help with skin elasticity and tighten any skin folds. Try to eat more nuts, legumes, leafy vegetables, dairy products, brown rice or other sources of vitamin E to supplement your efforts in eliminating the double chin.

9. Lotions

Massages of the chin area may be helpful, especially if you use certain lotions before and during such procedures. Melon juice, wheat germ oil, milk, warmed up cocoa butter are all effective measures. Apply your chosen oil and then massage for several minutes each morning and before going to bed for swift improvements in skin health and elasticity. For additional effect, wait 20 minutes before rinsing with water.

10. Masks from various things

Aside from massages you may also try skin masks to care for your skin and therefore, get rid of the sagging double chin.
The first type of a mask requires following ingredients: a few drops of peppermint oil, a tablespoon of glycerin and half a table-spoon of Epson salt. Mix them thoroughly and then using a cotton pad apply to the skin around your neck. Rinse with cool water after several minutes. Repeating this treatment at least four times a week for up to a month will really help you with the double chin problem.
You may also try a mask made from a different combination of ingredients. You will need two egg whites and a tablespoon of each: lemon juice, honey and milk. Again add some peppermint oil for best results. In contracts to the above mentioned recipe this mask should be used daily and left on skin for thirty minutes before rinsing with warm water.

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