How to Get Rid of Your Sinus Infection and Pain: Home Remedies

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Taking vitamin C is the first thing you should start doing if your immune system is weakened and you often catch a cold or sinus infection. This vitamin is available in various forms, however, natural sources are always the best possible choice.

Therefore, increase the amount of consumed citrus fruit, red pepper, elder juice, and other food products rich in this vitamin. You can also supplement it by taking tablets or caplets. A good idea is to choose a supplement with Acerola – a great source of vitamin C.

A less known solution to problems with immunity is using oregano oil. It has amazing antiviral and antifungal properties as well as it’s also a natural antibiotic. You may use the oil both externally and internally.

Start adding just a drop or two to your tea, water, or juice and your organism will get stronger and more resistant to infections. You can also massage your nostril with the use of oregano oil or add a few drops to your steam inhalations.

This amazing oil has also other applications as it can be used to treat dandruff on your scalp or to eliminate fungus from your nails.

Another thing you should include into your daily diet when you want to boost your immunity is fermented cod liver oil. It is a wonderful source of Omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamins A and D, which make our organism stronger and protect it from catching a cold or flu.

When to See a Doctor

You need to be aware that you might not be able to fight your sinus infection on your own. For sure you need to consult a doctor if nothing seems to help you or when the infection gets worse or keeps coming back.

Taking antibiotics right away is not a good option either. They tragically influence on your immune system and if every sinus infection you develop is treated with the antibiotics, you may easily get stuck in a vicious circle.

Therefore, it is recommended to visit an ears, nose, and throat specialist, who will examine you thoroughly and choose the best treatment for you. For sure, he should suggest you a CT scan of your nose and sinuses as sometimes the only way to bring you relief is by surgery.

However, there are also some other options available. Steroid and decongestants medicines might be helpful while in some cases sinus irrigation might be a solution to a chronic sinus infection.

The most important thing is to visit a doctor once your sinus infection doesn’t go away after a week as an untreated sinus infection often develops into a chronic condition, which is much more difficult to cure.

If your doctor recommends you a sinus surgery, you shouldn’t be afraid as it’s just a minor procedure in which a doctor will enlarge the opening in your sinuses, which are inflamed, swollen, or simply too small. This operation will drain your sinuses and your will finally be able to breathe easily.

How to Get Rid of Your Sinus Infection and Pain: Home Remedies
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