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How to Get Rid of Water Bugs: Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Water Bugs: Best Home Remedies
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You can also make a solution of 500 mg of boric acid and a cup of water in order to sprinkle it conveniently on the surfaces.

Diatomaceous Earth

Another classical home remedy against water bugs is diatomaceous earth. This product can be used like boric acid – you just need to sprinkle it on the nests of cockroaches, in the places where the insects can be seen as well as on the window seals.

Diatomaceous earth damage seriously the shells of water bugs. The layers of this substance will repel new insects as well.

Do not forget to wear protective gloves while working with diatomaceous earth. It is also advisable to cover your face with a protective mask. You should wipe diatomaceous earth with a wet cloth after several  hours.

You can repeat this procedure once a month in order to decrease the population of water bugs more efficiently.


Unlike many people, water bugs do not like alcohol. Therefore, you can use it in the battle against these insects.

Spray alcohol on the breeding spots of cockroaches. It is advisable to take strong alcohol for this purpose.

Alcohol  works like a fungicide, which makes the nests less attractive for water bugs. It also damages the eggs of these pests by drying them. Bear it in mind that some eggs with dried surface may crack, giving liquid for new water bugs.

You can repeat this procedure twice a month in order to repel new species.

Powdered Sugar and Baking Soda

You will be surprised to learn that such harmless substances as powdered sugar and baking soda are not so innocuous for water bugs.

You can make an effective trap for the pests by mixing equal amount of powdered sugar and baking soda. Leave a layer of this mixture in the places, where you have seen cockroaches. The critters will be attracted by the substance, thus, they will have a contact with it. As a result, there will be harmful reactions on their bodies, which will lead to the death of water bugs.

Although these reactions won’t kill your unwanted guests immediately, the injured cockroaches will bring the harmful substance to their nests and damage other insects.

Vinegar Spray

Another classical home remedy used for getting rid of water bugs is a vinegar spray. Not only does vinegar kill water bugs, but it also eliminate population of harmful bacteria spread by these insects.

In order to use this remedy you just need to fill a spray bottle with vinegar. Pay your attention on the concentration of vinegar, since a higher concentration will give more positive results of the procedure.

Spray the breeding spot of water bugs with vinegar twice a day during a week. You shouldn’t wipe the substance. When you exterminate all the bugs, it will be reasonable to repeat this simple procedure twice a month as a matter of prevention.

Liquid Detergent

You can also prepare a very simple and effective spray by diluting several tablespoons of antibacterial liquid dish detergent in water (the best proportions are 1 to 4).

Spray the infested areas with liquid detergent as well as the entrance to your house, for example, window seals. You should leave the mixture even if the area is already wet.

The detergent will damage the shells of water bugs. Moreover, it will disinfect the area from harmless bacteria.

It is advisable to perform this procedure on a daily basis for at least two weeks.

Bay Lives

Although bay lives are one of the most popular spices, which is considered to be tasty by many people, it is a repelling substance for water bugs.

You can use dried bay lives for exterminating cockroaches simply by applying the lives in the infested places. It will be easier to put several lives in a bag made of thin tissue. The bags with lives can be put wherever you feel they are needed.

Remember to change the contents of the bags each three or four month, since the concentration of odour will decrease with time.

Bay lives will also be efficient in the battle against ants and mosquitoes.

Catnip Leaves

The smell of catnip have a similar influence on cockroaches, as bay leaves do. Nonetheless, the recipe for a home remedy using catnip leaves differs from the one using bay leaves.

In order to get a repelling substance, you need to boil catnip leaves (at least 30 gr) in water (take from 400 ml to 500 ml) for 20 minutes. You will need to strain the liquid afterwards.

Now you can use it comfortably in a spray bottle. Just sprinkle the substance over the breeding places of cockroaches and the ways they can enter your home.


Peppermint can be used as a natural remedy against water bugs, as well as some other kinds of home pests.

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