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How to Get Rid of Water Bugs: Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Water Bugs - Best Home RemediesThere is hardly any person who have never met a cockroach in one’s life. This insect, presenting the large group of water bugs is one of the most distasteful home pests.

Not only do cockroaches look disgustfully, but they also can reproduce quickly and infest your home. Moreover, this insect can spread serious diseases.

There is no shadow of a doubt, that the majority of people facing a water bug at home for the first time do everything in order to avoid the next meeting.

Let’s look at the nature of water bugs and possible ways of getting rid of these nasty insects.

What You Should Know about Water Bugs

First, you need to know what water bugs are. The phrase water bug is an umbrella term. In fact, you may found a great deal of insects, which are water bugs. As you can guess, the main feature of these critters is their aquatic nature.

Although water bugs prefer leaving close to water, they do not have gills. This means, that they can breathe only with the oxygen directly taken from the air.

There are many widespread insects, which are categorised as water bugs. Giant water bug, water scorpion, water boatman, water strider are among those species.

The Demand for Water

Nonetheless, there is one particular water bug, which have found life among people particularly comfortable and easy. This is cockroach, an insect, which is famous for its extremely low physical needs. This means, that cockroaches can live up to a month without food. Moreover, the food preferences of cockroaches are quite simple, as they can consume practically everything. Thus, a spot of oil can feed this insect for several months.

Nonetheless, cockroaches, being water bugs, have a demand for water. Although they can exist for a week without drinking, they will actually leave the place if there is no water. This feature of cockroaches is widely used in the battle against these critters. You will see remedies based on this feature of water bugs in the following paragraphs.

Ways of Getting into Your House

In case you have met a cockroach in your house or flat for the first time, you shouldn’t panic, as it doesn’t mean, that your place of living has already been infested. There are many situations, when these water bugs need to find a new place of living, for example, because of the extermination from a neighbouring flat.

If this is not the case, the cockroach may also have entered your house by a plenty of other ways. For instance, if you are living in a one-family house with a garden, the critter might have been transported with wood for your fireplace, as well as with fresh vegetables or fruit. Water bugs can also enter your house through opened windows, doors, canalisation, ventilation ways, ducts or any cracks in the walls, which connect your rooms with outdoors.

Finally, even the most clean and sterilized dwellings can accidentally become a new place of living for a cockroach, since some of them are transported from shops. Moreover, these insects can hide in the mail. Some people even have had an unpleasant experience of getting some exotic cockroaches in their mail deliveries.

In such cases, you will need to show to these insects, that your place of living is absolutely inappropriate for them. The present article will provide you with many tips, which will teach you how to act against water bugs.


If you have seen an insect at home, you should check whether it is really a cockroach. These pests can be of different kinds, sizes and colours, although the most popular species have quite similar anatomical construction. You can always check the Internet for the photos of different cockroaches.

In case you are positive that your guest is a cockroach, you should prepare your place of living for the battle with this pest. It doesn’t matter, whether you finally choose a home remedy, a chemical insecticide or professional help, there are always several steps you need to do.

Thorough Cleaning

At the first spot, clean your house thoroughly with detergents. Pay your attention on all the hidden places, which can’t be cleansed easily. Remember, that cockroaches are active at nights, it means, that they will use dark corners for their breeding spot.

Clean the floor under all surfaces, where it is possible to do: under tables, sofas, chairs, bed, wardrobe and so on. You will possibly move your furniture in order to do it. You should treat this tip seriously, since there is no sense in inviting a professional exterminator in case you have such attractive dwellings for insects.

Pay special attention on the cleanness of your kitchen and bathroom.

A kitchen is a perfect place for cockroaches, since they can find here a great deal of food lying on the floor, under a cooker, a refrigerator and so on. Always bear in mind, that these pests need several crumbs for long weeks of life and reproduction.

Hiding the Food and Water

You should hide all the food you have in the refrigerator or, at least in the containers with tight-fitting lids. You shouldn’t leave any attractive food sources for pests.

How to Get Rid of Water Bugs: Best Home Remedies
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