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How to Get Rid of Water Bugs: Best Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Water Bugs - Best Home RemediesThere is hardly any person who have never met a cockroach in one’s life. This insect, presenting the large group of water bugs is one of the most distasteful home pests.

Not only do cockroaches look disgustfully, but they also can reproduce quickly and infest your home. Moreover, this insect can spread serious diseases.

There is no shadow of a doubt, that the majority of people facing a water bug at home for the first time do everything in order to avoid the next meeting.

Let’s look at the nature of water bugs and possible ways of getting rid of these nasty insects.

What You Should Know about Water Bugs

First, you need to know what water bugs are. The phrase water bug is an umbrella term. In fact, you may found a great deal of insects, which are water bugs. As you can guess, the main feature of these critters is their aquatic nature.

Although water bugs prefer leaving close to water, they do not have gills. This means, that they can breathe only with the oxygen directly taken from the air.

There are many widespread insects, which are categorised as water bugs. Giant water bug, water scorpion, water boatman, water strider are among those species.

The Demand for Water

Nonetheless, there is one particular water bug, which have found life among people particularly comfortable and easy. This is cockroach, an insect, which is famous for its extremely low physical needs. This means, that cockroaches can live up to a month without food. Moreover, the food preferences of cockroaches are quite simple, as they can consume practically everything. Thus, a spot of oil can feed this insect for several months.

Nonetheless, cockroaches, being water bugs, have a demand for water. Although they can exist for a week without drinking, they will actually leave the place if there is no water. This feature of cockroaches is widely used in the battle against these critters. You will see remedies based on this feature of water bugs in the following paragraphs.

Ways of Getting into Your House

In case you have met a cockroach in your house or flat for the first time, you shouldn’t panic, as it doesn’t mean, that your place of living has already been infested. There are many situations, when these water bugs need to find a new place of living, for example, because of the extermination from a neighbouring flat.

If this is not the case, the cockroach may also have entered your house by a plenty of other ways. For instance, if you are living in a one-family house with a garden, the critter might have been transported with wood for your fireplace, as well as with fresh vegetables or fruit. Water bugs can also enter your house through opened windows, doors, canalisation, ventilation ways, ducts or any cracks in the walls, which connect your rooms with outdoors.

Finally, even the most clean and sterilized dwellings can accidentally become a new place of living for a cockroach, since some of them are transported from shops. Moreover, these insects can hide in the mail. Some people even have had an unpleasant experience of getting some exotic cockroaches in their mail deliveries.

In such cases, you will need to show to these insects, that your place of living is absolutely inappropriate for them. The present article will provide you with many tips, which will teach you how to act against water bugs.


If you have seen an insect at home, you should check whether it is really a cockroach. These pests can be of different kinds, sizes and colours, although the most popular species have quite similar anatomical construction. You can always check the Internet for the photos of different cockroaches.

In case you are positive that your guest is a cockroach, you should prepare your place of living for the battle with this pest. It doesn’t matter, whether you finally choose a home remedy, a chemical insecticide or professional help, there are always several steps you need to do.

Thorough Cleaning

At the first spot, clean your house thoroughly with detergents. Pay your attention on all the hidden places, which can’t be cleansed easily. Remember, that cockroaches are active at nights, it means, that they will use dark corners for their breeding spot.

Clean the floor under all surfaces, where it is possible to do: under tables, sofas, chairs, bed, wardrobe and so on. You will possibly move your furniture in order to do it. You should treat this tip seriously, since there is no sense in inviting a professional exterminator in case you have such attractive dwellings for insects.

Pay special attention on the cleanness of your kitchen and bathroom.

A kitchen is a perfect place for cockroaches, since they can find here a great deal of food lying on the floor, under a cooker, a refrigerator and so on. Always bear in mind, that these pests need several crumbs for long weeks of life and reproduction.

Hiding the Food and Water

You should hide all the food you have in the refrigerator or, at least in the containers with tight-fitting lids. You shouldn’t leave any attractive food sources for pests.

It is also advisable to check your bathroom, since cockroaches are normally attracted with moisture and food, which is also available in this room. You will probably be surprised, but these insects can enjoy eating your soap or other cosmetics.

It is highly recommended to wipe all the water in your bathroom. Not only do wipe the water on the floor, but also on the walls or even in your bath or sink. In case there are no normal sources of water for cockroaches, they can search for several drops in your bath or even in the pots with your home plants.

Don’t forget to throw away all the trash you have in your bin and clean the bin with a detergent.

In case your house is sparkling with cleanness, you are ready to use one of the available weapons against cockroaches.

Professional Approach

Many people decide to use harsh chemicals or invite a professional exterminator in order to get rid of these unpleasant critters.

Chemical Insecticides

Chemical insecticides can be effective, although not in every case. You will find a great deal of attractive bottles and sprays, which in fact can be used for killing a bug after treating him directly with this product. As you can guess, such a method is absolutely unhelpful in case your house is infested with a great number of cockroaches.

There are also some products, which can be used for the breeding spots. These products are quite effective in case you know where the breeding place is. You should also remember, that the chemicals, which are used in such products are rather harmful for health. Therefore, you will probably need to leave your home for several hours after treating it with such insecticides.

Professional Exterminators

Unfortunately, inviting a professional exterminator is not so simple as well. Not only will you need to clean the entire house, but you will also asked to take away all your food, dishes and clothes from the rooms. Undeniably, many families with children or pets will resign from such services even in the worst situations.

Moreover, it is also advisable not to let children and pets into the houses within 24 hours after the extermination of insects. Last but not the least, the professional exterminators charge their clients with rather high costs.

Cockroach Traps

Nonetheless, you can always use such a solution for the problem with cockroaches as special traps, which are widely offered on the market. The traps are small boxes with a poison of high concentration. Water bugs are attracted by these traps, thus, they enter them and die after the first contact with the poison.

Remember, that these traps are not multipurpose. They can be used effectively only in case you know where the nests of cockroaches are situated. In addition to it, highly infested places can still have the eggs of water bugs.

Best Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Water Bugs

As you have already noticed, it is absolutely understandable, that many people try to get rid of cockroaches with home remedies and use professional solutions only after several failures. You will see the most popular and effective ways of killing and repelling cockroaches below.


The first and the simplest thing you can do after finding a cockroach at home is to treat it with water. You have already learnt that these bugs like water. This doesn’t mean you can’t use the water against them.

For instance, you can boil water in a pot and pour it out over a nest of cockroaches. It is recommended to repeat this procedure twice a day.

A hot shower will have an extremely negative impact on the insects, since they do not tolerate such high temperatures. The small cockroaches are simply killed with this procedure, whereas bigger ones will get their outer shells cracked.

You can also use chilled water against cockroaches. Take a bottle with a spray and fill it with cold water. In order to decrease the temperature you can add several ice cubes. Sprinkle the water on the breeding spot and repeat this procedure in 10 minutes.

A cold shower will be unpleasant for water bugs as well as a hot one, since they can’t bear extreme changes in the temperature.

Boric Acid

One of the most popular home remedy for getting rid of water bugs is using boric acid. This method is so popular, that one can even call it a traditional one.

Boric acid attracts water bugs, which are gradually killed by the contact with this substance because of its inflammatory properties. The acid also destroys the eggs of water bugs. In addition to it, this remedy will kill the bacteria provided by pests.

You can take boric acid and cover the surfaces of breeding spots or the entrances, which can be used by water bugs. Remember not to make thick layers of the acid powder, since the insects will simply avoid it.

You can also make a solution of 500 mg of boric acid and a cup of water in order to sprinkle it conveniently on the surfaces.

Diatomaceous Earth

Another classical home remedy against water bugs is diatomaceous earth. This product can be used like boric acid – you just need to sprinkle it on the nests of cockroaches, in the places where the insects can be seen as well as on the window seals.

Diatomaceous earth damage seriously the shells of water bugs. The layers of this substance will repel new insects as well.

Do not forget to wear protective gloves while working with diatomaceous earth. It is also advisable to cover your face with a protective mask. You should wipe diatomaceous earth with a wet cloth after several  hours.

You can repeat this procedure once a month in order to decrease the population of water bugs more efficiently.


Unlike many people, water bugs do not like alcohol. Therefore, you can use it in the battle against these insects.

Spray alcohol on the breeding spots of cockroaches. It is advisable to take strong alcohol for this purpose.

Alcohol  works like a fungicide, which makes the nests less attractive for water bugs. It also damages the eggs of these pests by drying them. Bear it in mind that some eggs with dried surface may crack, giving liquid for new water bugs.

You can repeat this procedure twice a month in order to repel new species.

Powdered Sugar and Baking Soda

You will be surprised to learn that such harmless substances as powdered sugar and baking soda are not so innocuous for water bugs.

You can make an effective trap for the pests by mixing equal amount of powdered sugar and baking soda. Leave a layer of this mixture in the places, where you have seen cockroaches. The critters will be attracted by the substance, thus, they will have a contact with it. As a result, there will be harmful reactions on their bodies, which will lead to the death of water bugs.

Although these reactions won’t kill your unwanted guests immediately, the injured cockroaches will bring the harmful substance to their nests and damage other insects.

Vinegar Spray

Another classical home remedy used for getting rid of water bugs is a vinegar spray. Not only does vinegar kill water bugs, but it also eliminate population of harmful bacteria spread by these insects.

In order to use this remedy you just need to fill a spray bottle with vinegar. Pay your attention on the concentration of vinegar, since a higher concentration will give more positive results of the procedure.

Spray the breeding spot of water bugs with vinegar twice a day during a week. You shouldn’t wipe the substance. When you exterminate all the bugs, it will be reasonable to repeat this simple procedure twice a month as a matter of prevention.

Liquid Detergent

You can also prepare a very simple and effective spray by diluting several tablespoons of antibacterial liquid dish detergent in water (the best proportions are 1 to 4).

Spray the infested areas with liquid detergent as well as the entrance to your house, for example, window seals. You should leave the mixture even if the area is already wet.

The detergent will damage the shells of water bugs. Moreover, it will disinfect the area from harmless bacteria.

It is advisable to perform this procedure on a daily basis for at least two weeks.

Bay Lives

Although bay lives are one of the most popular spices, which is considered to be tasty by many people, it is a repelling substance for water bugs.

You can use dried bay lives for exterminating cockroaches simply by applying the lives in the infested places. It will be easier to put several lives in a bag made of thin tissue. The bags with lives can be put wherever you feel they are needed.

Remember to change the contents of the bags each three or four month, since the concentration of odour will decrease with time.

Bay lives will also be efficient in the battle against ants and mosquitoes.

Catnip Leaves

The smell of catnip have a similar influence on cockroaches, as bay leaves do. Nonetheless, the recipe for a home remedy using catnip leaves differs from the one using bay leaves.

In order to get a repelling substance, you need to boil catnip leaves (at least 30 gr) in water (take from 400 ml to 500 ml) for 20 minutes. You will need to strain the liquid afterwards.

Now you can use it comfortably in a spray bottle. Just sprinkle the substance over the breeding places of cockroaches and the ways they can enter your home.


Peppermint can be used as a natural remedy against water bugs, as well as some other kinds of home pests.

The most efficient way of using peppermint against insects is to dilute the oil made of this plant with water. You can also add alcohol to this liquid, which will make it even more powerful.

Spray the infested areas with this mixture regularly, and you will get rid of any bugs entirely approximately in a month.


Garlic is another popular spice, which can be used as an effective weapon against water bugs. You can use it in two different ways.

The first one is a spray made of garlic and soap. This remedy is particularly powerful since it devastate the shells of cockroaches. In addition to it, this liquid has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

In order to prepare this magic mixture take a cup of water and boil it. Peel up to 7 cloves of garlic and put them into the boiling water. You should leave this “soup” for 20 minutes. Now you should take the garlic from the water, which should be left for cooling.

When the water is not hot anymore, fill a spray bottle with it, adding liquid soap (a couple of teaspoons). You should shake the bottle in order to mix the substances very well.

Now the remedy is ready for use. You should spray it in the infested places regularly in order to get rid of water bugs.

Another recipe for a homemade insecticide is a mixture of garlic, cayenne pepper and onion. Mixing all these ingredients together will give you a powerful weapon, which will kill all the pests in your household.

Mix six cloves of garlic with one peeled onion in a blender. Then you should add there water (400-500 ml). Spread 20 g of cayenne pepper in the liquid.

The insecticide can be used directly to kill water bugs in their nests, or you can also strain the mixture and wipe all the surfaces with the water taken of the mixture.

This recipe is so efficacious, that you can use it once a week during a month and enjoy the results.

Prevention of Water Bugs

No matter which way of exterminating water bugs you have chosen, you should change some of living habits in order to prevent new cockroaches form breeding in your house.

You should learn to wash the floors at home at least once a week, and twice a week in your kitchen. When something falls on the floor or any liquid is split, you should wipe it immediately.

Learn to wash the dishes before going to bed. Even if you are rather tired, remember that cockroaches are waiting for you falling asleep and then they will be able to come out and start their dinner on your dirty plates. The same rule concerns trash bins – you shouldn’t leave trash overnight at home.

In case you have home plants or a garden near your home, you should treat the plants with anti-bug substances as a matter of prevention. In order not to damage your plants, you can use some of the natural remedies we have already described.

Remember to keep your place clean. Providing cockroaches enter your house accidentally, these insects won’t stay in a clean house for a long time.

How to Get Rid of Water Bugs: Best Home Remedies
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