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How to Get Rid of Wasps: Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Wasps: Best Home Remedies
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You just need to take talcum powder or baby powder and sprinkle the infested places or the nest with one of these products. This will help you to get rid of wasps quickly without using any harsh chemicals.

13. Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are used by people as a very tasty spice. Yet, many insects such as cockroaches, flies, fleas and wasps detest the essential oils which are present in this product. For example, they do not like the scent of eugenol oil or myrcene oil. Thus, if you are suffering from new neighbours such as wasps, you should try this simple remedy.

You just need to take several leaves and put them everywhere in the places where you can see wasps. It is especially important to place the leaves near the nests as well as in the rooms where you are storing food. Do not forget to change the leaves from time to time since their scent can become weaker.

14. Boiling Water

Boiling water will help you to get rid of the entire wasps’ nest in case it is located outdoors. You just need to prepare a large pot with boiling water at night and pour the water into the nest. You should act very quickly.

Do not forget to put on some protective clothes since angry and frightened wasps may come out of their nest and sting you. Before you use this method, you should close all the windows and doors at home in order to prevent wasps from rushing into the house.

When you pour the water into the nest, you should quickly come back home. It is possible that you will need to repeat this procedure once again to get rid of wasps completely.

15. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is an excellent eco-friendly product for killing wasps and many other insects. It can puncture the exoskeleton of many pests and absorb the fluids from their bodies. As a result, the use of this product will lead to the death of insects.

You just need to take up to six tablespoons of diatomaceous earth and dump the product into the nest at night when the insects are sleeping. You may need to repeat the procedure up to three times in order to get rid of wasps.

16. A Fake Nest

You have already learnt various methods which can be used for killing wasps and destroying their nests. Yet, it hasn’t been said yet about a very peculiar way of preventing the occurrence of wasps on your premises. You can build your own nest which will stop wasps from getting to your place.

It is interesting to know that wasps have their own territorial rules. When they find a nest of other wasps in the place, they won’t create their own nest near this place. How can you create an illusion of having a wasp nest and trick the insects?

First of all, you should take a newspaper and get some pages out of it. Crumple the pages in balls. These balls should be located into a plastic shopping bag, Tie the bag closed. The final step of making your own fake nest is putting this plastic shopping bag into a paper lunch bag. Now, your fake wasp nest is complete.

Find the places where wasps used to build their nests or just imagine where they could build their future nests. You can hang several fake nests on your premises.

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