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How to Get Rid of Wasps: Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Wasps: Best Home Remedies
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First of all, you will need to prepare an empty two-litre plastic bottle. You should cut the top of this bottle with a razor knife. You can throw away the top of the bottle, as you won’t need it any more.

You should fill the bottle with a litre of water and add there half a cup of apple cider vinegar. Add one fourth of dish soap to the water as well. Then, you will need to cover the neck of the bottle with jam. The neck should be inverted and placed on the bottle. You can apply two pieces of tape in order to hold the neck in place.

The trap will attract wasps with jam and vinegar. Yet, these insects won’t be able to leave the trap easily. The majority of wasps will simply drop into the water where they will drown. You should empty this trap on a daily basis. It is important since some of the wasps can manage to survive.

2. White Vinegar

You can use white vinegar in your battle against wasps. White vinegar will help you to kill these insects without any toxic chemicals.

Prepare a special solution which can be used comfortably in a spray bottle. Mix a cup of white vinegar with a cup of water and fill a spray bottle with the solution. Anytime you see offending wasps, you can spray the solution on them. When you spray the same wasps several times with this product, they will die.

You can make this mixture and keep it in a spray bottle for a long time. Just take it when you need to get rid of insects.

3. Cloves and Lemon

Both lemon and cloves have rather strong scent. Wasps hate the scent of these products, especially when they are mixed together. So, you should prepare a combination of cloves and lemon in order to get rid of these unpleasant and dangerous pests.

You will need to take a fresh lemon and cut a half of it. Then, take twenty cloves an insert them into the lemon. Such a lemon with cloves can be placed anywhere in the room where wasps like to spend time most of all.

You will need to change the lemon in several days, as the smell of it will become weaker. Wasps won’t die after smelling the scent of a lemon and cloves. Yet, they won’t be able to bear this aroma and quickly leave the house.

4. A Trap Made of a Jar

You have already learnt about the way in which you can make your own wasp trap with the use of a bottle. Now, read the recommendation for making a trap of a jar.

You will need to take an empty jar with a lid (it is better to use a larger jar). You should make a whole in the lid which will have the size of your pinky finger. You can use a drill for this purpose.

Next, half of your jar should be filled with orange juice. The inside area of the lid should be covered with raspberry jam (you will make do with a tablespoon of jam).

Put the lid on the jar and seal it. You should place the jar somewhere away from people. Now, wasps will be attracted by the swiftness of orange juice and raspberry jam. They will crawl through the whole in the lid and will drown in the juice. Check the jar regularly and clean it when there are some drowned wasps. You will also need to refill the jar with jam and juice from time to time.

5. Chili Pepper

Some experiments show that wasps do not like chili pepper. Although the reason for it is still unknown, it is the fact and you can use it in your battle against these insects.

Boil three cups of water. Chop two spicy chili peppers and add them into the water. The peppers should be boiled in water for at least two minutes. Then, you will need to leave the mixture for cooling.

Strain the product in a spray bottle. When you see wasps, you should spray the water with chili pepper on the insects. In addition to it, spray the mixture on the infested area in your house.

6. Boric Acid

Boric acid is one of the most popular remedies used for getting rid of various insects. Wasps are not an exception. You can try this substance for killing wasps as well.

This method is very good for those cases in which you know for a fact where the wasps are living.

Before you start working with boric acid, it is recommended to put on some protective clothes. For example, you should wear goggles and protective gloves. It is also advised to wear long trousers as well as a long sleeve shirt in order to protect yourself against wasps.

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