How to Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally and Permanently

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How to Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally and PermanentlyGrey hair is regarded as a sign of aging. Some people feel themselves comfortable with great hair since it is a sign of maturity and wisdom. Yet, many people are fighting against this change of the appearance. It is especially understandable when you meet young people with grey hair.

Of course, one of the most popular options for getting rid of grey hair is dying your hair with special cosmetics. Chemical products will help you to change the colour of your hair for quite a long time. Nevertheless, this will weaken your hair and can lead to serious problems with your hair in the future.

Another option available on the market is the use of chemical shampoos which contain lead. Lead works in such a way that your hair gets its colour back. Still, the use of such products can be rather dangerous for your health because lead is dangerous itself.

So, the best option is choosing one of home remedies which you can find in the current article. There are many interesting methods in this article which will help you to dye your hair without the use of any chemicals. In addition to it, you will find here a number of remedies for treating the cause of the problem.

Find the best remedy and forget about grey hair!

Why the Hair Becomes Grey?

Before you start trying the remedies described in this article, you should understand why your hair becomes grey.

First of all, you should know that normally the hair is white. It is coloured by melanin which is a natural pigment produced by melanocytes. Each hair follicle needs the production of melanin in order to give the colour to its hair.

Unfortunately, aging leads to the decrease in the production of this pigment. Eventually, the production of melanin stops. Yet, you know that many people have grey hair despite the fact they are very young.

It is possible since the chances of getting grey hair if you are under the age of thirty is 10%. When you become older, the chances increases 20% with each decade.

So, why young people have grey hair? There are many causes of it.

One of the most popular cause of this problem is heredity or genetics. Ethnicity also has an impact on the condition of your hair. If your lifestyle is unhealthy, you consume too much alcohol or smoke, then, there are more chances of having grey hair in young age.

Furthermore, poor nutrition has a rather negative influence on the health of your hair. Not only can it make your hair weaker, but also can cause the reduction of melanin production. Vitamin B12 deficiency usually triggers this change in your hair. Some underlying autoimmune conditions can decrease the production of pigment as well.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is crucial to emphasise that stress can cause greying hair. Of course, in this case such drastic changes in your appearance are caused by some kind of trauma. You can see many young people with grey hair who have come through rather dramatic situations in their lives.

How to Dye Your Hair in a Natural Way?

You have already learnt several facts about dying your hair with popular cosmetic products. Even if you are considering such a possibility because these products can’t be washed out of your hair completely, you shouldn’t think that you won’t need to dye your hair again.

Definitely, your hair will become grey again since it is growing all the time. Therefore, you will need to dye the part of your hair which is located close to your scalp. Let’s look through the most effective natural remedies for dying your hair.

1. Henna

Henna is produced from the Lawsonia inermis tree. This substance has been known since ancient times. It was used for dying hair and creating beautiful temporary tattoos on the skin.

Henna can have different colours, It is usually mixed with other substances which can change the colour of henna as well. For example, in order to get a darker shade of your hair, you can get a mixture of henna and indigo. It is possible to change the colour of your hair into various shades of red and brown with the help of this natural product.

Henna can be used with other natural substances which may change the colour of the dyer or make it more stable For example, it can be used with fragrant oils, vinegar, lemon juice and cloves.

Pay your attention to the fact that the use of henna is not only a perfect way of changing the colour of your hair. You can apply henna as a remedy for damaged and dry hair as well. This product can be used as a mask for treating hair and you will be surprised by the effects this remedy can give you.

How to Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally and Permanently
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