10 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cystic Acne Fast

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10 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cystic Acne Fast
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The biggest problem with a laser therapy is contradictory results. It means that for no particular reason, for some people it works really well while others don’t see any difference even after several sessions. It’s troublesome as laser therapy is quite costly.

Some people have also reported that the laser caused burns on their skin, but that’s more a result of a bad technique rather than the method itself. Therefore, if you decide to laser therapy, be sure to choose a recommended specialist.

Cystic Acne and Your Daily Routine

If your skin is problematic and you tend to have cystic acne or other type of acne, it’s extremely important to develop a proper daily routine as it’s often the key to reducing the problem. Clean your face thoroughly twice a day with a mild, water-soluble cleanser. They will be effective, but they won’t irritate your skin as harsher cleansers could do.

Skin affected with any type of acne desperately needs moisturizing. Thus, after washing your face, always apply some noncomedogenic cream. It will hydrate and soothe your skin, but it won’t block your pores. Pay attention, though, that it has a light texture.

Exfoliate your face at least once a week. You should choose a salicylic acid-based exfoliant as it will peel of the dead skin and reveal the layer underneath.

The rule which should actually appear as the first one is not to pick at your pimples or cysts. It’s sometimes hard to resist, but every time you touch, feel, or pick at your cysts, you risk inflammation and spread of the infection. Picking at pimples also causes redness and irritation of the skin and it’s likely that you will end up with scars. Don’t touch your skin and you will quickly notice that your skin looks much healthier and fewer cysts develop.

Follow this simple routine and be patient. Don’t experiment on your skin as eliminating acne needs some time, but if you follow a medical therapy recommended by your doctor and you will keep a daily routine, the effects will be spectacular.

It’s important to introduce some changes into your lifestyle if you want to get rid of acne. Give up smoking and don’t drink too much alcohol as the toxins present in cigarettes and alcohol may worsen the problem of acne.

Make sure that your diet is good, which means that it should be based on low-glycemic food. Also, cut down on dairy as some studies have proved that it may cause acne, probably because of the hormones that can be found in milk. Of course, don’t cut it completely, but consume a reasonable amount of it.

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