How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast Using Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast Using Home Remedies
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Prepare marigold tea from fresh flowers and leaves. When it’s not too hot anymore, soak a soft cloth in it and apply it on your bruise, a sprain, or a muscle that hurts. Your skin will absorb it and your injury should cure faster.

14. Vinegar

Vinegar can help you treat the bruises faster because it boosts the blood flow. You can use it in the form of a compress, which might turn out to be very useful in case of children, whose skin is too delicate to apply a hot or cold compress.

Add a small amount of vinegar to a glass of warm water, soak a soft cloth in it and place it on your bruise. Leave it for about fifteen minutes. Repeat the process a few times a day for quick results.

15. Citrus Fruit

Vitamin C is a common compound of medicines which are used to treat skin pigmentation-related conditions, such as hyper pigmentation, tissue inflammation, or photoaging. Thus, it can also be helpful in curing bruises.

The best way to provide your organism with a proper amount of vitamin C is by a good diet. You should choose citrus fruit, such as pineapples, papayas, or mangoes because they are also rich in bromelain, an enzyme which has the ability to break down the blood clot, which will also reduce the swelling.

Papaya fruit also contains a wonderful enzyme called papain, which is often used to cure different skin disorders. Make sure that your diet includes citrus fruit, but if you don’t like it, consider supplementation.

You may apply the pulp of citrus fruit on your bruise to reduce it faster. Lemon juice is effective too, but remember that you shouldn’t apply citrus fruit directly on your skin if there is some cut on the skin as it may cause further irritation and smarting.

16. Cabbage

Another cheap solution that you will find in your kitchen. Cabbage leaves contain lactic acid, which may successfully eliminate swelling and pain, which accompany your bruise. What’s more a cabbage can also reduce inflammation.

To let cabbage leaves do their work, you just need to take the outer leaves from a white cabbage, put them in hot water for a while and then apply them on the affected skin. Let them cool on your bruise.

17. An Egg and Silver

A black eye is a type of bruise too and you have probably wondered if you can try any of the described methods to your eye area. Luckily, there is an old, traditional way of curing bruises which is just perfect for a black eye.

Just boil one egg hard, peel it and wrap it when it’s still hot in a cheesecloth. Put there a silver coin too. Rub your black eye gently as long as you can feel that the egg is still warm.

When you open the cheesecloth, you should observe that the silver coin has a purple and black color now. It’s believed that the egg and silver coin take the colors away from the bruise.

18. A Bandage

Just after you hit your body into something hard and you know that the bruise will appear, put an elastic bandage on the affected skin area. It will stop the blood leakage in your tissues and it’s probable that the bruise won’t develop.

Even if the bruise appears, it shouldn’t spread or it will cure quickly. You can tie a soft cloth around your bruise if you don’t have an elastic bandage.

19. Herbs

If you know which herbs to use and how, they can be as effective as pharmaceuticals, but as they are natural, they are also safer. In the past people cured all the conditions with herbs only, today, however, we often forget about their wonderful properties.

A herb which may turn out to be helpful in curing bruises is garden thyme, and more specifically, its green part. Prepare thyme tea by bowling the herb in water for a few minutes. You can soak a soft cloth in it and apply it on your bruise or add the tea to a hot bath. It should reduce your bruises quickly.

You can use comfrey the same way as thyme. Prepare tea from fresh or dried leaves and apply it on your bruise either in the form of a warm compress or add it to your bath. This exceptional herb can bring you immediate relief from pain, swelling, and inflammation.

You may also try a comfrey ointment, which you will get at your pharmacy. Massage it gently into your skin twice a day to get rid of your bruise quickly. It’s possible to get an extract from a comfrey root on the market, which has the same, wonderful properties.

If you suffer from frequent bruises, you should include parsley in your diet as it contains a lot of vitamin K, which is essential for our blood vessels. You can also apply it directly on your bruise. Just crush some parsley leaves and place them on the bruise. Tie it with an elastic bandage and you should quickly forget about your bruise.

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