How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast Using Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast Using Home Remedies
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Boil a few slices of fresh ginger in water for ten minutes. Throw out the slices, add there some honey and drink your home made ginger tea. Another option is to cut a few slices of fresh ginger and apply it on your skin to cure the bruise faster.

5. Onions

Onion has amazing inflammatory properties so if your bruise is swollen or painful, it should quickly bring you some relief. When it’s highly probable that a bruise will develop on your skin, peel a raw onion, slice or grate it and apply it on the affected skin area.

It’s good to bandage it and leave it for a few hours. It may turn out that the best and the cheapest solution to your bruise you will find in your kitchen.

6. Cayenne Pepper

A powerful ingredient of cayenne pepper is called capsaicin. It has been scientifically proved that it can successfully alleviate pain and make the bruise smaller.

According to Chinese medicine you ought to blend one part of ground cayenne pepper with five parts of melted Vaseline. Gently rub the mixture into your bruise and leave it for a few minutes. After that rinse it with warm water. Black pepper can be used instead of cayenne pepper too.

7. Honey and Sugar

If your bruise is accompanied by a cut, you should take some measures which will prevent the bacteria growth in your injury. Honey or sugar will be just perfect as they have wonderful antibacterial qualities and may also make the bruise less visible.

Prepare some hot honey or sugar syrup, but make sure it’s not too hot, and apply it on your bruise. Bandage it and wait until it dries, then you can rinse it off with warm water. Not only your bruise will get lighter, but also your skin will be smoother and well moisturized.

8. Coffee

Coffee is rich in two important compounds, which are caffeine and adenosine. The first one is widely known for its antioxidant qualities while the other one can be helpful in treating wounds.

In case of a bruise prepare a thick paste by mixing some ground black coffee with a small amount of water. Apply it on the bruise, bandage it and leave it for a few hours. Do it a few days in a row and you should get rid of your bruise quickly.

9. Turmeric and Tamarind

Turmeric is rich in a compound known as curcumin, which has a great antibacterial effect, it can shorten the healing process and alleviate pain. Tamarind has amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, if you mix these two wonderful ingredients, you will get a powerful solution for your bruise.

You will prepare a thick paste by adding some turmeric and tamarind powder to a small amount of water. Heat it for a while and place the mixture on the affected skin area. Wrap it in a soft cloth, wait until it dries and then wash it off with warm water. It’s a well-known recipe in Asian countries, which should help you eliminate your bruise quickly.

10. Grapes

Grapes are wonderful fruit, not only because they are strong antioxidants and have an anti-inflammatory effect, but also because they have powerful astringent properties, which means that they can make your blood vessels stop bleeding by drawing the tissue together.

All you must do is get some juice from the crushed grape seeds, which you should apply on the irritated skin fragment. For even better results drink a glass of grape juice twice a day. It should help you heal your skin faster.

11. Chocolate

Chocolate may help you reduce your bruise because it has the ability to control the flow of blood. It happens like that because chocolate contains cocoa bio active compounds, which can effectively reduce inflammation and make our skin smoother.

It’s important, though, to purchase top quality chocolate with the highest content of cocoa and not sugar. Melt it first and if it’s not too hot anymore, apply it on your bruise. It should dry so you can cover it with a bandage or a soft cloth. Once it dries, rinse it off with warm water. You should see the difference after the very first application.

12. Vitamin K

Vitamin K is crucial for our blood tissues if we want our bruises to cure faster. If you noticed that you develop bruises easily, include in your daily diet a lot of leafy vegetables, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts as they are rich in this powerful compound.

If you need an immediate remedy to your bruise, buy at your chemist a cream that contains vitamin K and massage it into your bruise. It should reduce it in a few days of a regular use.

13. Marigold

Flowers and leaves of marigold, which is also called calendula, is a well-known remedy to muscle sores or sprains, but it can also help in case of a bruise, especially when it’s painful.

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