How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast Using Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast Using Home RemediesA bruise, which in medical world is known as contusion, is a colorful spot on our skin that develops as a result of an injury. When you suddenly hit your body into something hard, the tiny vessels that are under your skin start bleeding, which we see on our skin in the form of marks in black and blue shades.

A bruise forms very quickly, often in just a few minutes, but it sometimes needs even a few weeks before it disappears. A bruise is nothing serious, but it looks unattractive and it’s often painful. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple home methods which will let you get rid of your nasty bruise much faster.

Why Do We Get Bruises

It has already been mentioned that a bruise develops when small vessels under our skin get damaged and bleed. However, some people are more susceptible to bruising than others. Often, it’s simply genetics to blame, but a few other factors may put you in the risk group of getting a bruise more easily.

Our diet is crucial here as if you consume a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, your blood vessels will be strong and won’t get damaged so easily. You need to provide your body with plenty of vitamins and minerals, bioflavonoids are extremely important, thus, include in your daily diet berries, green, leafy vegetables, onions, and garlic. These food products will make your blood capillaries strong.

Similarly, have a closer look at drugs you take regularly as some of them may increase the risk of getting bruises. For example, contraceptives or popular aspirin can weaken your blood vessels and thin out the blood. Fish oils or ginko, which are popular supplements, may have a similar effect.

You may have noticed that in the past you didn’t get bruises so easily. Unfortunately, as we get older our blood vessels become weaker. Our skin is also more susceptible to bruising because it gets less elastic. Skin with sunburn also gets bruises more easily.

Blood vessels may tear and burst as a result of high pressure. Therefore, intensive exercising is another factor which may increase the risk of bruising.

Very rarely frequent bruising may be the symptom of some life threatening diseases such as leukemia or hemophilia. Thus, go to your doctor if you develop bruises often, but you don’t know where you get them from.

The Best Home Remedies for Bruises

Have a look at various methods which will help you get rid of bruises fast. Remember, though, that it’s important to react to a bruise as quickly as possible, just after the injury. If your skin has already started changing colors, the recommended solutions might be less effective.

1. Ice

It’s probably the best known solution to bruises or other injuries. Wrap a few ice cubes in a soft cloth and place them on the bruise for a few minutes, but no longer than twenty minutes as it can irritate your skin then. The damaged blood vessels should stop bleeding and the bruise won’t develop when ice calms the skin down.

It’s crucial to react quickly on a bruise so if you don’t have any ice cubes in your freezer, use whatever you will find close at hand. You can soak a cotton cloth in a very cold water and apply it on your skin for a few minutes. Or you can try frozen vegetables, but remember to wrap them in a soft cloth before you put them on your bruise.

Whatever you choose, apply the ice a few times a day to effectively prevent a bruise.

2. Hot Compress

Instead of ice you can also try a hot compress. Fill a bottle with hot water and apply it on the affected area of the skin. You can also try to follow a cold compress with a hot one. It will reduce the blood clot so the blood won’t flow so quickly to the tissues.

Instead of hot water, you can also try a moist heat therapy as it often turns out to be effective. Use Jacuzzi, take a hot bath, or soak a towel in hot water and place it on the irritated area of your skin.

3. Potatoes

Another simple, but surprisingly effective method of preventing a bruise or making it smaller. Potatoes have wonderful antiseptic properties because they are rich in alkaline juices. Therefore, if your bruise is swollen, a raw potato can significantly reduce it.

All you need to do is peel a potato, grate it or cut it in slices and apply it on your bruise. You can bandage it and stay like that for a few hours. It should help you to get rid of your bruise fast.

4. Ginger

Ginger has a wonderful effect on our skin due to its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. If you experienced some injury and you want to limit the risk of getting a bruise, you should use it both internally and externally.

How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast Using Home Remedies
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