How to Get Rid of Armpit Rash Fast: Best Natural Remedies

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To use it just mix the turmeric with a small amount of water to get a thick paste. Apply it on the affected skin area and leave it for a few minutes. Rinse it thoroughly with warm, but not hot water. You may have to repeat it a few times as turmeric can leave yellow marks on the skin, which are hard to clean.

5.     Baking Soda

It’s probably one of the cheapest methods that will help you reduce the rash on your armpits. It will soothe the skin and relieve the itch due to its wonderful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It will stop the inflammation, reduce the itching, and swelling.

You can mix a little amount of it with water to obtain a thick paste and apply it directly on your skin. Massage the rash gently and after a few minutes wash the mixture off. You can also add a few tablespoons of baking soda to your bath water.

6.     Apple Cider Vinegar

This common kitchen ingredient may also be an effective solution to your armpit rash. It has the PH level that can kill all the bacteria and viruses, but it’s safe for our skin.

Mix some of the apple cider vinegar with water. Soak a cotton pad or a cotton ball in it and apply it on the skin area with a rash. Massage the skin gently for a few minutes and clean it with warm water. Follow the procedure twice a day until the rash disappears.

7.     Lemon Juice

Juice squeezed from a fresh lemon is a very powerful, antibacterial type of fruit. It will not only kill the bacteria which cause the rash, but it’s also a natural deodorant with fresh smell.

Just massage the affected area of your skin with the lemon juice. Don’t wash it off, but let the skin absorb it. Don’t use it, though, when your skin is very irritated or directly after shaving as it may cause smartness.

8.     Vitamin E Oil

You have probably heard that vitamin E is essential if we want to have beautiful, young-looking skin without wrinkles. It’s so beneficial because it stimulates the production of new cells every time the old ones are removed. Thus, it can help you soothe the irritated skin on your armpits and reduce the embarrassing itch.

You just need to buy the vitamin E oil at your pharmacy and apply it directly on your skin with your fingers. Massage it gently until your skin fully absorbs it. Don’t wash it off and use it twice a day.

9.     Vitamin C

Vitamin E is not they only compound which may help you get rid of the armpit rash. Vitamin C have similar qualities and it has an antibacterial and antiviral properties too.

Just mix the vitamin C with a little amount of water to get a thick paste and place it on the irritated skin area. If you do it at least twice a day, you should eliminate the armpit rash after a few days.

10.  Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a widely known solution for various skin problems. It has great moisturizing and anti-inflammatory qualities so it will help you eliminate, or at least reduce the annoying armpit rash.

Warm the coconut oil a little bit so that it has a more liquid form and gently massage it into your skin. Try to do it on wet skin as the oil absorbs better then. You can also mix the coconut oil with baking soda and apply the obtained mixture on your rash, but wash it off after about five minutes.

11.  Potassium Alum

You may not have heard about potassium alum before, but it’s actually a great substance with wonderful antiseptic and astringent qualities. You will easily get it at your pharmacist’s in the form of a stone.

Potassium alum is very easy to use. After taking a bath, put it in the powder form on the dry skin which is affected with the rash. You should see the difference after a few days of regular use.

12.  Tea Tree Oil

It happens very often that the main reason of an armpit rash is fungus. In this case tea tree oil might be very effective as it’s known for its amazing antifungal properties. It will stop the itchiness, reduce swelling or redness.

Mix the tea tree oil with a little amount of water first. Prepare a cotton ball or a cotton pad and dip it in the mixture. Apply it on the irritated area of the skin and massage it gently for a few minutes so that the skin absorbs it well.

13.  Honey

Honey is a powerful combination of sugar, enzymes, and water. It’s also rich in humectants, which can effectively eliminate inflammation of the skin. It’s very gentle for the skin and it reduces the armpit rashes really quickly.

How to Get Rid of Armpit Rash Fast: Best Natural Remedies
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