Knee Pain – Essential Oils for Fast Relief: Best Home Remedies

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Knee Pain – Essential Oils for Fast Relief: Best Home Remedies
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Frankincense oil is also a great option for a hot bath. A beautiful smell will relax your mind and body while the phenomenal qualities of the oil will help you reduce pain and inflammation. Add about fifteen drops of the oil into the water and stay in the bath for fifteen minutes.

8.     Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme essential oil is just magical when it comes to chronic pain or inflammation. Its most powerful compound is known as carvacrol, which has the ability to damage the COX-2 enzyme, which is often responsible for the inflammation processes in the organism. Additionally, thyme essential oil has wonderful antispasmodic and analgesic qualities. Taking all these factors into consideration, thyme essential oil is a great solution to muscle and joint pain.

You can either add the oil into your hot bath or use to massage the painful area. If you want to use for a massage, mix four drops of thyme essential oil with one teaspoon of a carrier oil, such as olive or jojoba oil. Massage the affected area for about twenty minutes using slow, gentle movements. If you would prefer to add the oil to your bath, just mix around fifteen drops of the thyme essential oil with the bath water and just soak in.

9.     Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger essential oil is another wonderful healing agent, which has powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities. It has been reported that ginger essential oil may effectively help to treat arthritis too. The oil brings the relief because it acts on so called vanilloid receptors which can be found on the sensory nerve endings.

Once you apply the ginger essential oil on your skin, you will feel an intense burning sensation, it is a normal reaction, which actually gives the oil its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect. What’s more, there are scientific studies which have proved that ginger extract can be as effective as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs when it comes to relieving arthritis.

Mix a few drops of the oil with a few drops of the carrier oil and massage your painful knee or other body part with this solution. It should significantly reduce the pain and stiffness of the joints and muscles. You can also add the ginger essential oil to your hot bath and soak your body in it for fifteen minutes. It will fantastically relax your mind and body.

10.  Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil has some wonderful qualities too as it can not only reduce the knee pain or inflammation, but it can also give you some energy and make you feel more awake. Various scientific studies have shown that orange essential oil can significantly reduce the pain. It is also a natural antioxidant, which can effectively be used as a part of arthritis treatment.

Essential oil is gentle and it has beautiful smell, but before you apply it on the skin, mix a few drops of it with a few drops of a carrier oil, such as jojoba or olive oil. Massage your sore knee with the mixture for about twenty minutes. Of course, you can also add about fifteen drops of the oil to your hot bath. The beautiful aroma and powerful qualities of the oil will help both your mind and body.

Essential Oils for Knee Pain and Fast Relief – Extra Tips

Essential oils can bring spectacular effects but, because they are highly concentrated, it is extremely important not to use them directly on your skin in their pure form. If you do not want the essential oil to irritate your skin, mix it with some carrier oil.

Carrier oil is usually a vegetable oil that is rich in fatty acids, which helps disperse the molecules present in the essential oils. You can choose whichever carrier oil you like or have at home, for example olive, coconut, argan, jojoba, macademia, sesame oil, or a different one of your choice.

The best way to use essential oils to the pain in knee or any other body part is by massaging the affected area. You should perform the massage with your fingertips for about fifteen minutes. You can also ask somebody to perform the massage for you if, for example, the painful body area is difficult to access.

Of course, the results will depend on the underlying cause of your pain, but it is recommended to perform the massage with the use of the essential oils regularly – for example twice or thrice a day – for the best results. Other options for using essential oils include taking a bath with the oils, warm and cold compress, or aromatherapy.

As you have read in the previous section of the article you can use essential oils separately, mixed only with a carrier oil. However, for even better results you can mix a few essential oils to relieve the knee pain and to relax your muscles and mind.

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