Knee Pain – Essential Oils for Fast Relief: Best Home Remedies

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Knee Pain – Essential Oils for Fast Relief: Best Home Remedies
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Knee Pain and Essential Oils for Fast Relief - Best Home RemediesKnee pain is one of the most common conditions that affect people in different ages. It develops due to various factors. You may have a knee injury caused by an accident or some physical activity.  You may have a chronic condition, such as gout or arthritis, or you could have simply overused your knee.

In some cases knee pain is also caused by obesity, lack of physical activities, or repeating a bad movement over and over again. Knees are actually very important as they make us move, they are also very strong as they can support even three times our body weight. Unfortunately, they often get weaker with age, which results in pain and affects our walking abilities.

Of course, you can take painkillers or topical creams to relieve the pain, but you can also try natural solutions, which are effective, but safe because they do not cause any side effects. As in many cases knee pain is often the consequence of an injury or inflammation, essential oils might turn out to be an effective remedy.

Essential oils are rich in anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing compounds and some of them also bring a numbing effect, which fantastically reduces the pain. The essential oils which are analgesic, which means that they have a pain-reducing effect, work in two ways. One group has a cooling effect on the painful area while the other group has a warming effect, which also improves blood circulation.

Read on and find out which essential oils are the best for knee pain and how you can use them so that they will effectively alleviate the pain in your knee.

Essential Oils for Knee Pain and Fast Relief

Have a look at the best essential oils which can bring you fast relief when you deal with knee pain. They may help you no matter what the cause of your pain is. They are effective, natural, and safe as they do not cause any side effects.

1.     Lavender Essential Oil

One of the most commonly known essential oils is lavender essential oil. Actually, it has been used for centuries to relieve the pain and pressure due to its mild sedative effect. What’s more, it has also wonderful analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities, which make it a perfect remedy to a stiff, strained, or tired body. Of course, it may fantastically relieve the knee pain too.

A great advantage of lavender essential oil is that it does not need any carrier oil and can be used on its own directly on the skin. If you need a quick boost of energy, simply rub a few drops into the skin below your nose and inhale deeply.

You can also add about fifteen drops of lavender essential oil into a hot bath. It will fantastically relax your tired and stiff muscles and relax you after a long, tiring day. When it comes to knee pain, you can simply rub a few drops of the oil into the affected knee. Massage it gently for a few minutes with slow movements. You should feel immediate relief from pain and swelling.

2.     Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is another good choice when it comes to treating various types of pain, including knee pain. The active ingredient of peppermint essential oil is menthol, which gives the oil its well-known scent as well as it is the source of its analgesic and antispasmodic qualities.

Peppermint essential oil can effectively soothe both your mind and body. Its wonderful smell will calm you down and relieve the stress while its healing properties will relieve the pain and stiffness, providing a cooling effect, which additionally soothes the inflammation.

If you want to use peppermint essential oil, you need to mix it with some neutral carrier oil. An optional mixture could be about six drops of peppermint essential oil mixed with one teaspoon of olive or jojoba oil. Mix the ingredients well and rub the solution into the painful area. You can massage the area for even twenty minutes, but remember to be gentle. If the method works for you, use it even several times a day.

3.     Turmeric Essential Oil

Turmeric is underestimated in western countries, but fortunately it has gained some more popularity recently. In India, on the other hand, turmeric has been widely used for thousands of years. It is a dying agent, a spice, and a remedy to various health problems. It is also used in Ayurvedic medicine as it is believed to boost healthy balance in the body.

Turmeric essential oil is obtained from the root of the turmeric plant. It has amazing antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties. What’s more, it can also relax your body and mind. Turmeric essential oil can successfully be used to treat muscle or joint pain caused by an injury or arthritis. Some studies have shown that the oil has the ability to block the enzymes which could damage your muscular or skeletal system.

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