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How to Get Rid of Diaper Rash Using Sprinkle Cornstarch: It works!

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Now, you have learnt about the things which can be done in case your child is suffering from any problems triggered by milk consumption. Still, it is crucial for you to know how to treat the problem of diaper rash.

First of all, you should change the diaper as soon as possible in order to minimise the contact with stool and urine. For example, you can change the diaper every three times during the day.

Do not think that it is abnormal to change briefs or diapers up to 8 times during a day. In addition to it, do not forget that your child may need the change of diapers at night. Choose superabsorbent types of disposable diaper for your child in order to avoid the wet.

It is also essential to know how you should wash the diaper area of your child. It isn’t advised to use any soap at all. Only in cases when the diaper area is very soiled, you can use mild and soap for delicate skin.

It is advised to use only a soft close and warm water for this procedure. In addition to it, you should dry the area completely which is extremely important for treating diaper rash.

Many doctors do not recommend using special wet wipes for babies if they contain propylene glycol or alcohol when your child is suffering from diaper rash. These substances can be rather aggressive for delicate damaged skin and burn it. Furthermore, such wipes can spread the bacteria on the area.

It is also sensible to let your child stay without any diapers at all for as long as possible. This is the best way for allowing the skin to heal and protect it from further diaper rash.

You can apply special cream such as zinc oxide, Desitin, A&D Ointment and Diaparene on healthy skin. This will protect the skin form diaper rash. Yet, if the skin has already been damaged, you shouldn’t use these creams. They will only reduce the speed of healing of your child’s skin.

Remember not to put the diaper on your child too tightly since this will provide excessive pressure and discomfort which can lead to the development of diaper rash. You should also avoid many-layered or bulky diapers. Plastic pants shouldn’t be worn if your child is suffering from diaper rash.

You can also try to make the urine of your child less concentrated, In order to do it, you should give the child more fluids to drink. The best beverage is pure water. Yet, you can also give cranberry juice to your child if the child id over twelve months of age. Other juices may make the urine even more concentrated which will lead to further diaper rash.

Sprinkle Cornstarch to Get Rid of Diaper Rash

Cornstarch is one of the best remedies for diaper rash. It can be used instead of a talcum powder. As far as you have understood, it is extremely important to keep the skin of your child dry in order to avoid or heal diaper rash. Cornstarch will help you to do it since it is has very delicate properties combined with the capacity of absorbing water.

If your child is already suffering from diaper rash, cornstarch will also sooth the skin and cool it. Furthermore, if the child’s skin is healthy now, applying cornstarch will help to protect it from further problems since it reduces the friction between the diaper and baby’s bottom.

Let’s look through the methods of applying cornstarch o the baby’s skin.

1. Pure Cornstarch – Direct Application

One of the simplest ways in which you can use cornstarch as a remedy for diaper rash is applying it on the skin directly as if it were a talcum powder.

First of all, you will need to take a soft cloth and put it in warm water. Wash the bottom of your baby gently with this cloth without using any soap as it has been recommended before. You should let the skin of your child to dry out. Therefore, let your child lay for at least ten minutes after cleaning the skin. You can also sooth it with cool air.

Take approximately three tablespoons of pure cornstarch and sprinkle them on the affected skin of your child. Keep the layer of cornstarch on the skin of your child undisturbed for at least five minutes. When the procedure is finished, you can put on your baby a new diaper.

You can use cornstarch thrice a day or any time before putting a new diaper on your child.

2. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and Cornstarch

You can prepare a special homemade cosmetic product from Vaseline petroleum jelly and cornstarch. You have already learnt that cornstarch will help you to reduce the skin irritation, inflammation and redness. Using Vaseline petroleum jelly will minimise the friction and the activity of any chemicals present in the diapers you are using.

How to Get Rid of Diaper Rash Using Sprinkle Cornstarch: It works!
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