Stop Diaper Rash Bleeding: Best Home Remedies

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Stop Diaper Rash Bleeding: Best Home Remedies
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In addition to it, using diaper rash any time before putting a diaper on your child helps to reduce friction. Thus, cornstarch will eliminate the irritation of the skin. As far as you can see, using cornstarch is a very good option for anyone who wants to heal the damaged skin quickly and prevent further damages.

How can you apply cornstarch? First, clean the skin of your child with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a soft and clean cloth or towel. Then, it is advised to leave the skin uncovered for several minutes. Afterwards, you should sprinkle two tablespoons of cornstarch on the damaged skin of your child. Finally, you can place a new diaper.

8. Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the best natural products which can be used for various skin malaises. Treating diaper rash isn’t an exception. You can also use the fantastic properties of olive oil for getting rid of this malaise.

Olive oil is rich in vitamins and microelement which can heal the skin of your child easily. In addition to it, this remedy helps to reduce the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

Olive oil can be applied to the skin of your child directly. In addition to it, you can prepare a simple mixture of a teaspoon of olive oil and the same amount of water. In order to mix the two ingredients well, you will need to whisk it.

Cover the damaged skin with this mixture and leave the area open for several minutes. You can boost the positive properties of olive oil by adding vitamin E or lavender oil to this mixture.

9. Lanolin

Use lanolin if you want to treat diaper rash effectively. You should take two teaspoons of lanolin into clean hands and rub the product gently between your fingers. The heat of your hands will help to make lanolin softer. It will be easier for you to apply the remedy on the skin of your child in such a fashion.

It is recommended to apply lanolin on the damaged skin before going to bed when your child is not moving so much. Thus, lanolin will stay on the skin of your child for a longer time.

10. Shea Butter

Shea butter is a very useful natural product rich in yeast-killing, antifungal and anti-inflammatory substances which will help you to treat the skin malaise of your child quickly and effectively. In addition to it, the vegetable fats which are present in this butter will improve blood circulation in the skin. As a result, it will heal in a short time.

Clean the damaged skin of your child with warm water and pat it dry. Then, you should take a tablespoon of Shea butter and melt it with the warmth of your hands. Once the butter becomes more elastic, you can cover the damaged skin with it. The butter should be left on the skin for at least five minutes.

Do not cleanse the skin. You can place a diaper on the skin covered with butter. Other substances which can be used for treating diaper rash are plantain oil, Maalox, French green clay, grapefruit seed extract, aloe vera and many others.

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