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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Fast: Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Fast: Best Home Remedies
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An average adult should sleep at least 7 hours a day. Nonetheless, excessive sleeping can also cause puffiness under your eyes.

Get Rid of Unhealthy Habits

Another extremely important tip is to get rid of your unhealthy habits, such as smoking or drinking alcohol. In addition to it, you shouldn’t consume too much caffeine in drinks (for instance, in tea, coffee or energy drinks).

Remember, that smoking has a very strong negative impact on your health and beauty. Smoking damages the cells of your skin making your face more prone to being wrinkled. In addition to it, it dries your skin and make the general skin tone greyish. Caffeine and alcohol have dehydrating properties, which make skin weak.

Always Remove Makeup before Sleep

You should get used to removing the makeup from your face each time you go to bad. Bear it in mind, that even the mildest cosmetics can cause allergy reactions on your skin or just irritate it.

Avoid Sun

It is extremely important to reduce sun exposure, since it can cause permanent discolouration of your skin. Remember, that the most intense UV rays are between 11 am and 15 pm. In case you can’t avoid sun, always wear sunscreen.

Drink More

You should drink around 3 litres of water daily in order to normalize the water retention in your organism. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t drink too much right before going to bed.

Add More Pillows

You can also sleep on several pillows in order to make the position of your head higher. This will help you to avoid storing fluids under your eyes. As a result, you will get rid of dark circles as well as eye puffiness.

Don’t Touch Your Eyelids

Do not rub your eyes or touch the skin below the eyes without any reason. Remember that this will irritate the gentle skin and inflame the blood vessels. As a result you will get racoon eyes. In case you have any symptoms of an allergy, or you just feel that there is a possibility you can have an allergy, you need to examine it.

Change Your Diet

As it has already been said, you should change your diet, enriching it with the products containing vitamins C, E, B6, B12, K and A. You should also consume omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and calcium. Appropriate diet will give you extra energy, help you to sleep well and certainly, will help to maintain a good condition of the blood vessels and skin.

Good Nasal Congestion

You should also pay attention on the way you breathe with your nose. In case your nose is blocked, the blood vessels on your face can darken, causing the appearance of racoon eyes.

Use Eye Concealers

In case, you have particular face features, which put shadows on your eyes, you can always choose the concealers, which have been discussed in the previous parts of the article.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be too preoccupied with dark circles, since this malaise is not harmful. Bear it in mind, that no one can be protected from getting racoon eyes. This beauty issue is popular among women and men of different age.

Relax and remember: too much mental stress can be a reason for dark circles as well!

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