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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Fast: Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Fast: Best Home RemediesThere is hardly any woman, who have never had a problem with dark circles, especially after the lack of sleep.

The majority of ladies are doing their best in order to hide these rings, since this beauty issue makes you look exhausted, unwell or even older. Nonetheless, many women do not know anything about the real causes of the skin discoloration, believing that the only reason for it is a bad night sleep.

As far as you will learn in the present article, in reality, there are multiple reasons for this malaise. You will find here the information on all of the main origins of dark circles as well as a short test for finding out the real reason you have this problem. Certainly, there is also a plenty of remedies which will help you to get rid of racoon eyes for good.

The Causes of Dark Circles

Genetics and Aging

The most widespread factors leading to dark circles under your eyes are genetics and age. Speaking about genetics in the context of dark rings, the thin or fair skin under your eyes is meant. Such skin is more transparent than the dark one, which means, that the accumulation of blood in the capillaries will be more noticeable.

Another issue, which can be inherited, is just the features of your face. Some people have particular face features, which simply throw a shadow on the area under the eyes. This is probably the most difficult cause of dark circles to eliminate, even though it is not connected with health problems.

Aging works similarly to the genetics, since it makes the skin thinner because of the lack of collagen. Again, such delicate skin tends to show the blood vessels easily.

UV rays

You can also find that some people have dark rings because of sunbathing, which leads to the excessive production of melanin. The pigment induce permanent skin discoloration, making shadows appear under the eyes.

The Lack of Sleep

Thus, you have already learnt that the lack of a good night’s sleep is not the chief culprit.  Nevertheless, those people, who do not have an appropriate night sleep, are more prone to have racoon eyes. Although this pattern was observed long time ago, there is still no adequate explanation for such a clear correlation.


The reasons for dark circles, described above, are quite obvious. Yet, it is not the end of the list. For instance, you probably do not know that allergies, both environmental and food can be the root of the problem.

Allergic reactions cause the increase of the histamine level in the organism. As the result, histamine brings about the inflammation of blood vessels, which leads to dark circles. In addition to it, one of the most frequent symptom of an allergic reaction is an itching sensation, which makes people to touch the affected area of the skin. In case this area is under the eyes, it is obviously can result in dark circles.

Other Reasons

Prolonged crying as well as over dried skin under the eyes can also bring discoloration. You shouldn’t forget about an unhealthy diet, which is the general reason of the majority of beauty problems. Moreover, long hours spent on doing computer work do not only trigger eye problems, but also can lead to dark circles.

Even physical or mental stress can influence the beauty of your skin.

The Professional Treatment of Dark Circles

The first and the simplest thing you can do before searching for the best remedy is to have a good sleep. Having dark circles, although you have already slept well, is a signal of another origin of your problem.

The Test

Perform a quick test on your skin. You can stretch the skin below the eyes gently and check, whether the surface of the skin has become darker. If the result is positive, and the colour of your skin has changed, it means, that the possible reasons of your dark circles are aging and genetics. Otherwise, you should search for another cause, for instance, an allergy.

Treating the Allergy

You can visit a doctor and perform an allergy test; however, if the only symptom you have is dark rings, there is obviously no point in examining the possibility of allergy. If you have decided to undergo the examination and any kind of allergy have been diagnosed, you should get anti-histamine medications in order to reduce your dark circles.

Eye Creams

In case you decide to use ready methods for treating your vascular issues, you can choose one of various cosmetics, which can constrict the capillaries of your skin.

For instance, eye cream containing caffeine can help to strengthen your blood vessels. Cosmetic products with arnica help to reduce the inflammation process, alleviating the dark circles. You can also reach for the cosmetics with green tea, since it has an extremely effective property of constricting blood vessels.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Fast: Best Home Remedies
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