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Crackling Sound in Ear: Causes and Best Remedies to Get Rid of it

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Crackling Sound in Ear: Causes and Best Remedies to Get Rid of it
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You should start with softening your ear wax. Thus, warm up a small amount of olive oil and then, using a dropper, insert two or three drops into the ear which is clogged. Stay like that for ten minutes and after that gently remove the soft wax and oil with the use of a soft cloth from your ear. Mineral oil and baby oil can also be used here instead of olive oil.

If your ear is blocked with ear wax, hydrogen peroxide might also work. This substance is normally used to treat small cuts, but you can also use three percent hydrogen peroxide to remove the wax from your ear.

Put only two drops of the substance into your ear and wait ten minutes. After that time tilt your head so that the liquid drains. Don’t use hydrogen peroxide too often, though, as there is a risk that it can damage your eardrums when overused.

If you are afraid of dropping some substances into your ears, you can clean your ears from excess wax by warm water only. Use a syringe in order to squeeze the water into your clogged ear. Be careful, though, and do it gently. Wait ten minutes and drain your ear. You should be able to see ear wax coming from your ear with the water.

Choose one of these methods to remove wax from your ears and it’s possible that you will get rid of a crackling sound in your ear quickly and permanently.

2.     Try Chewing Gum

It may sound surprising, but action as simple as chewing gum may solve your problems with crackling sounds in your ear. It’s especially helpful when eustachian tube dysfunction is the cause of the annoying symptom.

Chewing gum may simply help you balance the air pressure that comes into your nasals. Yawning or trying to breathe out with your mouth and nostrils closed may also help. If you feel that your nose is blocked, try to clean it out with the use of a saline spray.

3.     Try Acupuncture

If temporomandibular joint syndrome disorder is the cause of a crackling sound in your ear, it’s possible that you need to relax your jaw muscles.

Acupuncture is a safe and effective method which involves inserting ultra-thin needles into different spots on your body. If you go to a professional, he will know exactly where to put the needles. The procedure may look strange, but’s it’s actually painless.

If you are afraid of acupuncture, you may try other relaxation techniques, which will help you relax stiff jaw muscles. You may try doing yoga, meditation, or listening to a relaxing music. It may turn out that once your jaw muscles are relaxed, you will stop hearing that annoying crackling sound in your ear.

4.     Try Valsalva Maneuver

An interesting technique which might help you get rid of the problem of crackling sound in your ear. Close your mouth and pinch your nostrils. Then try to take a deep breath with your mouth, but blow it through your nose.

At this point you may hear a kind of a popping sound, which means that your eustachian tube is open again and the crackling sound in your ear is gone. Remember, however, that you shouldn’t blow through your nose too fiercely as you may damage your eardrums.

5.     Use Steam

Using steam is a popular remedy used to treat sinus congestion, but it can also be helpful if your ears are clogged and you experience a crackling sound in your ear. Fill a bowl with hot water, put your head over it and cover it with a towel.

Stay like that until you feel the hot steam on your face, try to turn your head such a way that your ears are affected too. Be careful, though, as it’s very easy to burn your skin with hot water. This simple method may effectively help you get rid of a crackling sound in your ear.

6.     Pay Attention to Your Diet

It happens that all the strange signals that your body sends you, including a crackling sound in your ear, is the consequence of a poor diet. It’s important to fuel your body with a proper amount of essential minerals, such as magnesium and calcium.

Also, avoid food which is high in cholesterol and don’t forget about the importance of drinking at least eight glasses of water every day. These simple steps may bring you only positive effects and they can also solve your problem of crackling sound in your ear.

7.     Change Your Lifestyle

Experiencing a crackling sound in your ear may the consequence of stress. To check if that’s your case, keep a diary in which you will note when exactly you feel the annoying sound. If it happens mainly when you are tired in the evenings or before a stressful situation, you should start using some relaxation techniques.

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