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Crackling Sound in Ear: Causes and Best Remedies to Get Rid of it

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Crackling Sound in Ear - Causes and Best Remedies to Get Rid of itAre you worried about a crackling sound that you can hear in your ear? It’s actually quite a common phenomenon, which rarely indicates a serious health problem.

However, the main problem with crackling sound in ear is that it’s extremely annoying. Because of that sound the sufferer often can’t sleep, work, and is simply stressed out.

In a medical world all the unexplained sounds which you can hear in your ear, such as crackling, popping, whistling, ringing, or hissing, are known as tinnitus.

Find out what the possible causes of a crackling sound in ear are and how you can get rid of the problem using safe and natural home remedies.

The Causes of Crackling Sound in Ear

Nowadays we listen to a lot of loud sounds, often spending long hours with headphones on our ears and that might be a possible cause of crackling sounds in ears. Frequent exposure to loud sounds or experiencing a sudden noise can damage your eardrum or the delicate internal structures of your ears.

Another possible cause of hearing strange sounds in your ear is a bacterial or viral infection of one or both ears. Apart from a crackling sound, you may also experience pain in your ears or hearing impairment.

One of the most common causes of problems with ears is accumulation of ear wax in one or both of your ears. When it gathers in your ear, it gets dry and starts to cover your eardrum. As it is the essential part of your ear, which is responsible for the sound conduction, when it’s covered with ear wax, you may experience it like a crackling sound in ear.

The dysfunction of eustachian tube in your ear might be a reason for crackling sound in your ear too. This small tube works like a connection between the upper part of your throat and the back of your nose. It also circulates the air and maintains a balance in the air pressure that is outside and inside of your nose.

When you deal with some infection of your respiratory tract or there is to much fluid in your nose, the air pressure might get higher, which you will experience as a crackling sound in your ear. If this is the case, it will mainly happen while yawning or opening your mouth wide.

Moreover, you must also be aware that some medicines are known to be ototoxic. It means they can damage your auditory nerve, which lets us hear. This side effect usually happens if you take these medicines in a wrong way.

As a result you may experience sudden loss of hearing or annoying sounds in your ears, such as crackling, crunching, and popping. The drugs which can cause these unpleasant symptoms are for example ibuprofen, some antibiotics, or diuretics.

A crackling sound in your ear may also be the consequence of so called TMJ disorder, which is a shorting for temporomandibular joint syndrome disorder. Its main symptoms include the feeling of sensitivity or excruciating pain in your jaw.

Our jaw muscles play a very important role as thanks to them we are able to eat, to talk, and to breathe. The temporomandibular joint controls these muscles and when there is something wrong with it, we can experience that as a crackling sound in our ear, especially while moving our jaw.

Unfortunately, the cause of TMJ disorder hasn’t been fully identified yet. However, some factors which may contribute to the problem include jaw injury, arthritis, or genetics.

A crackling sound in ear might also be caused by a foreign body, which entered your ear. For example, it can be some insect which accidentally blocked your ear canal. This foreign body can irritate your eardrum then and you can feel it as a strange sound in your ear.

The two very important parts of your ear are cochlea and vestibule structures. They let you not only hear but also keep the balance of the sound that come to your brain.

Additionally, cochlea consists of so called sensory hair cells, which are in charge of sending the signals to your brain. When they get damaged, you may start to have hearing difficulties or experience crackling noises in your ear.

Crackling Sound in Ear – Best Home Remedies

There are plenty of simple and safe home remedies, which may help you get rid of a crackling sound in ear. However, as in most cases the solution depends on the cause, try to identify what might be the possible culprit of your problem as it will be easier to solve it then.

1.     Remove Ear Wax

As the accumulation of earwax is probably one of the most common causes of crackling sounds in ear, that’s the first solution you should try. However, it is a mistake to clean your ear with a cotton swab as this way you only push the wax further inside your ear.

Crackling Sound in Ear: Causes and Best Remedies to Get Rid of it
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