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The Number Of COVID Cases Skyrockets After The Thanksgiving Break



COVID Cases Skyrockets After Thanksgiving

Holiday gatherings are the prime time for the coronavirus to spread as millions of people travel and get together. And this proved right as the terrible storm of increased COVID cases was reported in the past two Thanksgiving breaks of 2020 and 2021. 

In addition, the same is observed in 2022. The number of COVID cases skyrockets after the perfect Thanksgiving break this year. 

In 47 states, the levels of flu or flu-like illnesses have been high or very high in the USA for the past 36 weeks. The country has confirmed 9 million cases of the flu, nearly 80,000 hospitalizations, and 45,000 deaths due to the disease, as per government data. 

Influenza hit 20,000 patients who were hospitalized during Thanksgiving week, the most for that week in more than a decade in America. These numbers are almost double from last week. 

Foster, vice president of the quality and patient safety policy of Nancy Foster of the American Hospital Association said that it could be in a week or two that we will be seeing more COVID-19 patients than RSV or flu. But these numbers will stress the hospital’s capacity to care for sick patients. 

How Many Percents Have The Hospitalizations Increased?

After the Thanksgiving holidays, the USA’s coronavirus hospitalizations began increasing significantly including people 70 years or above. As per the data of CDC, COVID hospitalizations increased from 794 on 23 November and 1,270 on 6 December to 4,650. That means there is an increase of 27 percent from the week prior. 

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the situation was expected but still worrisome as the hospital capacity is already thin by epidemic levels of the flu and RSV.

COVID Cases Skyrockets After Thanksgiving

Another concern is that holiday family gatherings include the elderly who are at higher risk of facing severe outcomes from all respiratory illnesses spreading at high levels these holidays. 

She worriedly said that the surge in COVID cases is more concerning because winters are coming, which means people will assemble indoors with less ventilation. 

According to health officials, the good news is that the positivity rate also increased from 9.4 percent to 13.5 percent. 

However, experts predicted that Christmas and New Year will bring more COVID cases. If this happens, the indoor mask mandate could be considered shortly after New Year’s Day. 

Earlier CDC warned people that Covid-19 cases might increase after Thanksgiving, as the holiday includes gift exchanges and gathering. And it also recommended wearing indoor masks to protect themselves and their family members from the virus. 

Currently, CDC has recommended some precautions to protect ourselves from getting infected by the virus. It first recommends everyone get vaccinated and boosted to get some degree of immunity as the unvaccinated individual catches the virus faster than the immunized person. 

Next, it suggested wearing masks as we will protect ourselves and others by doing it. Get tested if you have any Covid-19 symptoms and stay indoors with improved ventilation. Keep COVID level check in your community and make sure to stay away from the infected people. 

In late 2020 and early 2021, the high number of covid-19 patients put the country’s hospital wards under enormous strain. But the numbers were high partly because of no widespread availability of coronavirus vaccines. And last year, the surges happened because of the omicron variant that made hospitals unable to provide basic care as they endured staffing shortages when the virus deeply affected the hospitals’ staff. 

This winter, many people are vaccinated, providing them with some degree of immunity that should stop the COVID cases from reaching their peak.