How to Get Rid of Corns on Feet: Best Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Corns on Feet - Best Home RemediesCorns and calluses on our feet is an unpleasant malaise, which spoils the appearance of our feet and makes us suffer very much. Usually corns are healed quickly, although sometimes they can constantly give us unpleasant sensations.

In order to learn the information on the nature of this skin changes and the ways they can be prevented and healed, look through this article. In has a plenty of necessary information, which will help you to keep a healthy condition of your feet.

The Causes of Corns on the Feet

You are a happy person if you don’t know what are corns and calluses, since these thickenings of skin tissue can be extremely painful even if they are small.

Corns can appear on your feet with different symptoms, although all of them are unpleasant. For instance, there can be a bump on your foot. In other situations a patch of your skin can become hard and thick. On the contrary, your skin can also become too delicate on the certain spot of the skin. Finally, there may be a part of dry and flaky skin on your foot.

Medically, these skin changes are called hyperkeratosis; however, we use two terms for this malaise: corns and calluses. These two malaises differ.

Corns, which are also called clavi or helomas has a particular appearance. The skin of a corn becomes rather thick, dry and even transparent. Corns are featured with a particular shape which is not typical for calluses, since they are usually diffusive. It is acorn which is supposed to be a more painful skin change. Calluses, which are also called tylomas, are the areas of thick and flattened skin.

These malaises can affect various parts of your foot, for instance between your toes, on the toes as well as on the hole surface of your foot.

The major cause of hyperkeratosis is excessive pressure on your feet. This can be a result of prolonged work on your feet, pressuring your feet with particular equipment, uncomfortable shoes and feet and gait abnormalities.

Since excessive pressure can cause corns and calluses, sportsmen and other people, lifting heavy objects are also vulnerable to this malaise.

Corns and calluses are developing as a reaction to this pressure, since the skin becomes thicker and it is supposed to protect your feet. Nonetheless, some people are more vulnerable to such skin changes, even if they have none of the factors described above. For example, people with diabetes are prone to having hyperkeratosis. Moreover, patients with reduced fatty padding because of aging or problems with metabolism can get corns and calluses easily.

Medical Treatment for Corns on the Feet

Many people simply ignore corns and calluses on their feet. Nevertheless, sometimes these skin changes become so painful and intolerable, that such patients decide to consult a doctor.

In case of having such problems, there are two major medical providers, who can assist you on this malaise. They are a podiatrist and a chiropodist.

In case of corns there is no one except you, who can heal this form of hyperkeratosis. It is so, because these skin thicknesses won’t vanish unless you remove the pressure from them. It means, that you need to change your shoes for more comfortable or consider some changes on your workplace.

Undoubtedly, the most popular solution to the problem of corns offered by pharmacists are corn plasters. Not only is this treatment ineffective, but it is also forbidden for some patients, for example, those with diabetes.

In case of calluses, you have a chance of getting some information on the real cause of your malaise from a podiatrist. This doctor can also perform some procedures on the worst calluses, for example removing the changed spot of skin with the use of a sharp blade. Nonetheless, in order to cure calluses completely, you will also need to do it yourself.

In some situation, your doctor may advise you to purchase special shoe insertions, which will make your feet less pressured. Nonetheless, in some serious situations, for example concerning bunions on the feet or other abnormalities, your medical provider may offer you a surgical invasion.

The Best Home Remedies for Corns on the Feet

In case you still don’t know how to address this problem effectively, home remedies can be the last resort for you. Learn the natural methods for corns and calluses we have prepared for you. Choose the most appropriate method for you and stop suffering from these nasty malaises.

Baking Soda

It is recommended to use backing soda as a treatment for the corns on your feet. This is a natural exfoliating agent which will help you to get rid of the old skin and to speed up the regeneration of the affected area. In addition to it, backing soda is good for neutralising the acidity on your wound. This will protect it against infections.

You can make a bath for your feet with baking soda. Fill a basin with warm water and add several tablespoons of soda. Put your feet in the basin and keep it there for at least 15 minutes. You can also use a pumice while doing this procedure in order to increase the exfoliation effects.

Another way to treat your corn with soda is to make a special paste. The ingredients you will need are lemon juice and water. Add one teaspoon of baking soda to these substances and mix it well.

The paste should be applied directly on your injury and covered with a bandage. Don’t forget to rinse it the following day.

If you repeat one of these procedures once a day, your corn will quickly vanish.

Pumice Stone

A pumice stone has already been mentioned as an effective method for exfoliating the old skin from your corns. Nonetheless, it is also worse emphasising, that a regular rubbing your feet with a pumice stone gives you an effect of massage, which fixes the blood circulation in your feet and increase the speed of skin regeneration.

Rubbing your feet with a pumice stone every day before sleep will give great results. Remember, that it will be better to use a pumice stone after soaking your feet in warm water. This will make old skin on your feet more gentle and soft.

After completing the procedure, you can put a cotton ball soaked in castor oil on your corn. Put a bandage on this area in order to protect the ball and leave it overnight.

White Vinegar

One of the most effective remedies for reducing corns on your feet is white vinegar. This is a substance, which makes the thick skin on feet softer. In addition to it, vinegar protects your skin against infections.

The procedure of treating your corns with white vinegar has several steps.

First, you should dilute the vinegar with water and apply it the affected skin on your feet. Then you should protect this area with a special bandage, which has adhesive qualities. It is advisable to use this method in the evening, thus, you will be able to leave the compress on your feet overnight.

You should take the bandage gently in the morning. Use one of the exfoliating techniques: a pumice stone, baking soda or an emery board. You should moisturise your skin with some oils, for instance, with olive oil.

If you repeat this procedure several times, you will soon get rid of nasty and painful corns on your feet.

Turpentine Oil

You may have heard about powerful antiseptic properties of turpentine oil. Treating your corn with this substance will help you to clean the wound and make it heal faster. You will also be pleased to know, that this oil needs a short time in order to get deep into your skin. Therefore, this procedure won’t take you a lot of time.

There are two major remedies using turpentine oil. The first one is a mixture of this oil with two other oils: extra-virgin coconut oil and camphor oil.

In order to prepare the healing substance, you should first melt 100 ml of coconut oil. You can do it easily in the microwave oven. Then you will need to add camphor oil (2 tablespoons) and turpentine oil (1 tablespoon).

Put the mixture into refrigerator in order to cool it. Meanwhile, fill in a basin with warm water and put your feet for several minutes there. Then you should wipe the feet and cover your corns with a turpentine mixture.

You can store your homemade lotion in the refrigerator and use it again. It is advisable to repeat the procedure up to three times a day.

Another popular remedy uses adverse technique. This means, that you need to massage your corns with ice, rather than warm your feet. You should wipe your feet after the massage and apply turpentine oil on your feet. It is better to use this method before sleep.


It may be strange, but pineapple is a fruit, which can be used effectively for reducing your corns. It is so, because this plant is full of phytohormones and enzymes, which make the skin on your corns soft.

You will need to cut a small piece from a peel cut from a pineapple. It is important to use only that peel which has been just removed from the fruit. This peel should be applied on your wound (adjust the inner side of a peel to the corn). You should secure this compress, for instance, with a bandage.

It is advisable to perform this procedure in the evening and leave the peel on your foot overnight. The next day you will need to take the material out of your foot and apply some oil on the affected area. Remember to repeat the procedure daily.


Pineapple is not the only fruit, which can help you to get rid of corns on your feet. For instance, you can use the natural acidic properties of lemons, which will make the thick skin of corns more delicate and possible to be exfoliated.

Fresh lemon juice can be applied directly on the affected area of your feet.

Moreover, you can combine the properties of lemon with the beneficial features of garlic. You can put several garlic cloves into lemon juice and leave them for at least 15 minutes. Such lemon juice should also be used on your corns.

You can also make a paste of lemon juice and Brewer’s yeast. Such a paste should be applied on the corns and left during the night.


As you have just noticed, some recipes offer to add garlic. This plant help to maintain a healthy condition of the skin on your feet because of its antimicrobial activity.

You can just peel a garlic clove and cut it into parts. These parts should be applied on your corns and protected with a bandage. This remedy, as the majority of natural treatments for healthy feet, should be left overnight.

You can also make a paste of a crushed garlic clove with a pinch of salt. It is advised to apply the paste on your corns and protect them with an adhesive bandage. Be attentive, you can remove the bandage only in three days. This will make your corns vanish quickly.

There is one more paste, which can be made of garlic. You will need two crash to cloves. The substance should be mixed with a bit of vinegar. You can apply the natural medication on your corns with a cotton ball and keep it there for at least 3 hours.

The skin should be rinsed with water afterwards.


If you are generally interested in homemade cosmetics and medications, you have probably noticed, that turmeric is one of the most multipurpose plant. Corns on the feet are definitely not the malaise, which can’t be cured by turmeric. You will find that treating these nasty skin changes on your feet with turmeric gives a lot of relief and increase the speed of recovery.

You can take turmeric powder and combine it with aloe vera gel. Cover your corns with this mixture and leave it for a night. The next morning you should make an exfoliation procedure on your feet and moisturise the corns with oils.

Turmeric can also be used in the form of a paste. In order to prepare such a substance you should add a bit of honey to several teaspoons of turmeric. You will need to put the paste on your corn and leave it there, until the substance dries. This procedure should be repeated at least twice a day.


In case you have licorice in the form of powder, you can prepare a very effective healing paste with mustard oil. You will just need to mix two teaspoons of licorice powder with mustard oil and apply the paste on the corns.

Again, secure the substance on your feet with a bandage and leave it there during a night. This remedy should be repeated daily.


Ground coffee can be used as a natural exfoliator for the dry skin on your feet as well as a moisturiser. The first function is the result of the structure of ground coffee, which can remove the particles of old skin smoothly and gently. Coffee can nourish your skin, since it is full of natural oils.

In order to use this exfoliator, you just need to make yourself a cup of this drink with two teaspoons of ground coffee.

After enjoying your coffee, you should take the material from your cup and massage you clean feet with it. You can perform the procedure for as long as you want to. Nevertheless, you should do it at least for 5 minutes.

You will see that your feet become soft and smooth. Now you need to wash them with soap, as coffee can slightly colourise your clothes.


Additionally, you may find papaya quite efficient in your struggle with corns. This fruit is rich in enzymes softening the skin and relieving the pain.

You can benefit from the following recipe using a raw papaya.

Cut a small part of a fruit and grate it. This will help you to extract the juice. Now apply papaya juice on your corns with cotton balls and leave them overnight (don’t forget to secure the balls with tapes or bandages).

Perform an exfoliation procedure the next day (using a pumice stone or baking soda). Don’t forget to repeat the procedure one more time.

Epsom Salt

Filling a basin with warm water and adding there Epsom salt will help you to reduce the pain caused by your corns.

The Prevention of Corns on the Feet

Comfortable Shoes

You have already learnt from the current article that one of the most important prevention of the corns on your feet is resigning from uncomfortable shoes. This tip is useful not only for women, who sometimes prefer wearing extremely high-heeled shoes, but it is also important for men, who tend to neglect unpleasant sensations in their feet.

Women should remember that not only high-heeled shoes can be damaging for their feet, but also absolutely plane shoes, for instance ballet flats. The problem is that these shoes seem to be comfortable, although they can have a negative impact on or feet.

Such shoes can lead to corns, calluses and even to a feet deformation (for instance, bunion).

In order to choose the right height of boots, you can find several formulas for counting this number concerning your own height. Nonetheless, you can just choose the shoes with a heel between 2 and 4 cm.

Don’t forget, that your shoes can’ be too small or too big for you. In case you are crazy about your uncomfortable boots, you can try to put protective pads into it. You can find a large variety of such products on the market.

It is also not advisable to walk in flip-flop shoes or without shoes at all.

It is also recommended to choose the shoes made of genuine leather. This will protect your feet from excessive sweating, which can create perfect conditions for the development of corns, calluses or different infections.

Appropriate Feet Hygiene

Another important tip for the prevention of corns on your feet is appropriate hygiene of this part of your body. This means, that you should wash your feet every evening with soap and warm water. It is advisable to perform an exfoliation procedure once a week. The ways you can get rid of your old skin have already been described in this article.

Don’t forget to moisturise your feet with oils or special foot lotions. Bear in mind, the lotion or a cream should be produced exclusively for feet. Otherwise, it won’t help you, because the skin on feet is considered to be the driest. Soft skin on your feet won’t give you so much pain as thick and dry feet.

You should also trim the toenails regularly, since long toenails can pressurise your toes and lead t corns.

Don’t Cut off Your Corns

In case you get corns, you should never cut them or delete with a razor blade. Such an unnecessary procedure can cause different infections. In addition to it, it may occur, that the new skin under a corn is still rather delicate, which will lead to further discomfort while walking.

Remember, that corns on your feet are a problem, which cannot be neglected. Each time you have a corn means that your organism is trying to tell you about a problem. Therefore, you should find the reason causing your skin changes and eliminate it. Otherwise, you may get permanent damages on your feet, which will be rather difficult to cure.

How to Get Rid of Corns on Feet: Best Home Remedies
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