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How to Get Rid of Dandruff Using Natural Coconut Oil

How to Get Rid of Dandruff Using Coconut OilDandruff is an extremely popular skin condition which is also known as scurf or Pityriasis simplex. When too much dead skin starts falling off your scalp, it means you have dandruff. Yet, it sometimes difficult to say what is the exact cause of this problem.

In the majority of cases, Pityriasis simplex is a symptom of other health problems. You will find information about several culprits in the current article. The real treatment is possible once you know for a fact what has triggered dandruff. Until you know how to treat the underlying problem, you can choose some home remedies such as coconut oil for getting rid of this symptom. In many situations, it can help to eliminate dandruff for a long time.

Possible Causes of Dandruff

There are many factors which can cause dandruff.

1. Dry Skin

One of the most popular cause of dandruff is dry skin of your sculp. This health condition can be triggered by the genetics which means it is a normal state of your skin. Still, there are many other factors which can make the skin of your head too dry. For example, a new shampoo can dry your skin or an excessive use of other cosmetics for hair styling. Hair-dryers and other equipment used for creating hairdressings can lead to this problem as well.

Your skin can become too dry because of water. A particularly popular situation is changing your place of living and using new type of water for washing your hair. Dandruff can be a reaction to this water.

Furthermore, stress as well as poor diet can make your skin rather dry.

2. Yeast Sensitivity

Some people have particular yeast sensitivity. As far as you probably know, one of the most important causes of dandruff is yeasts. There are many factors which can cause this sensitivity. One of the most popular is a weak immune system.

If the cause of your skin condition is a yeast infection, you can notice that dandruff is more acute during the winter. It is so because sun rays damage the infection in the summer.

3. Dirty Scalp

Obviously, those people who do not maintain appropriate hygiene can get dandruff more easily. A person with a dirty scalp and hair accumulates dead skin. It creates an auspicious environment for the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

Of course, in order to get rid of dandruff caused by a dirty scalp, you will just need to wash your hair. Pay your attention to the fact that this type of Pityriasis simplex can also lead to the hair loss.

In addition to it, all healthy people have malassezia which is special fungi living on the scalp. These fungi consume all the dirt which can be found on one’s skin including dead cells and oil. Still, those people who do not pay too much attention to their hygiene, can experience dandruff caused by the excessive proliferation of malassezia.

4. Skin Diseases

Unfortunately, dandruff can be a symptom of a skin disease which sometimes can be rather difficult to cure.

For example, psoriasis, eczema as well as seborrheic dermatitis. The last one is a popular skin condition which means that the areas of your skin which are covered with hair start to develop dandruff. It is also accompanied by itching sensations, hair loss and sometimes bleeding.

In some cases, it is quite easy to get rid of this skin malaise, whereas in other situations it can be rather problematic to diagnose the cause of the problem. The only thing which is known for a fact is that the skin is producing an excessive amount of sebum.

You may find the recommendations which say that you should just wash your scalp more frequently. Yet, it is not sufficient for treating the problem since it can be caused by an infection, hormonal imbalance or other factors. It is better to visit a doctor in order to get professional help in this case.

5. Inappropriate Combing

Combing as well as the lack of combing can cause dandruff too. If you do not comb your hair for a long time, the scalp isn’t cleared since combing helps to get rid of dead skin as well as to detangle your hear. Still, some brushes can damage your skin which also leads to dandruff.

6. High Steroid Dosage

It is crucial to know that people who take steroid frequently, can get dandruff. The situation can worsen a person can become completely bald.

If you are taking steroids all the time, you should visit a dermatologist regularly in order to keep an eye on the condition of your skin.


Many healthcare experts say that people suffering from AIDS have approximately 11% more chances of getting dandruff. It is quite possible since this health condition affects the immune system making its more vulnerable to the activity of any microorganisms living on the skin of a healthy person. As a result, there can be problems with dandruff as well.

Coconut Oil for Treating Dandruff

As far as you have noticed, this article is focused on the use of coconut oil against dandruff. Why this products is so useful for your scalp? Can it be used by people who are suffering from oily scalp as well? You will find the answers to these questions below.

First of all, coconut oil has extremely good moisturising properties which are working especially effectively in the contact with hair. You may be surprised to learn that it is traditional remedy for healthy hair used not only by women, but also by men in India. Those men who decide to have extremely long hair and beards use this product because it is the only oil known fir the time being which has a capacity of getting deeply into the structure of a hair. Thus, using coconut oil is a perfect way to moisturise your scalp and hair.

In addition to it, coconut oil is rich in vitamin E, lauric acid and capric acid which can restructure damaged hair and prevent them from losing proteins. Thus, using coconut oil on your scalp, you will get strong and shiny hair.

Another attractive property of this product which is used in the fight against dandruff is antifungal and antimicrobial activity of coconut oil. After reading the previous information, you know that in some situations dandruff is caused by microorganisms. Therefore, you can use this product as a natural antibiotic.

Furthermore, you can also include this product into your daily diet which will help you to moisturise your scalp from the inside of your body.

Now, you can see that coconut oil is really very useful for treating your dandruff. How can you apply it on your scalp?

Method 1

The simplest way of applying coconut oil is using it after you wash your hair. It is important not t use any conditioners before you put coconut oil on your scalp. In addition to it, the hair should be dry. You should apply coconut oil on the scalp and leave it at least for half an hour. It is important not to provide the oil on the rest of your hair.

You will need to wash your hair again after finishing this procedure. It is important since your hair may look oily.

It is advised to perform the procedure at least once a weak. If you wash t=your hair more frequently, you can use the oil any time you wash your hair.

Method 2

You can perform a warm massage with coconut oil. For this purpose, you will need to get pure coconut oil. Pay your attention to the fact that pure coconut oil is always solid.

In order to apply this oil on your scalp, you will need to heat it. you can heat the oil in a microwave or stove.

Then, cover your scalp with this oil and massage the skin of your head for several minutes with your fingertips. After you finish the massage, you should cover your head with a soft clean cloth or towel. This will help you to use all the properties of this oil whereas it will still be warm. Leave a towel or cloth on your scalp for at least 15 minutes.

You should wash your hair afterwards. Use natural moisturising shampoos for this purpose. You can repeat the procedure at least once a weak.

Method 3

The next option of using coconut oil includes lime juice.

You should take five tablespoon of coconut oil. If you have thick coconut oil, you will need to hit it in the microwave oven. Then, you should add a tablespoon of lime juice to the coconut oil. Mix these ingredients and cover your scalp with the mixture. Perform a short and gentle massage of your skin and leave the mixture on your scalp for at least twenty minutes.

Do not forget to wash your hair with a moisturising shampoo afterwards.

Method 4

It is a very good idea to combine coconut oil with fenugreek seeds which has anti-fungus properties. Such a mixture is very effective in the fight against dandruff, especially if the one was caused by any infection.

First, prepare a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds. You will need to crush them before you add them to coconut oil. Then, you should warm five tablespoons of coconut oil and add a fenugreek seed powder. Mix the ingredients and cover your scalp with the product.

It is recommended to leave the mixture on your scalp for approximately two hours in order to benefit from all the positive properties of the product.

You will need to wash your hair with delicate shampoo afterwards.

Method 5

It is obvious that leaving a natural remedy on your skin for a longer period will give you more opportunities for feeling the benefits of this product. Therefore, it is also sensible to leave coconut oil o your hair through the whole night.

You should simply take up to five tablespoons of liquid coconut oil and cover your scalp with it. Perform a delicate massage and leave the remedy on your head overnight.

You will need to wash your hair with mild shampoo in the morning. There is no need for using any conditioner since coconut oil can moisturise your hair perfectly.

You can perform this procedure anytime you want to wash your hair. Not only will you be able to get rid of dandruff, but also you will improve the entire condition of your hair.

Method 6

You can mix coconut oil with camphor for getting better results. Just add a teaspoon of camphor to 100 ml of coconut oil. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and put the mixture in an airtight container. You can store the product in the refrigerator and use it any time you want to treat your scalp with a natural remedy.

The product should be applied on your scalp. Perform a massage during 10 minutes and leave the mixture on your scalp overnight. It is advised to repeat the procedure during two weeks in order to get rid of dandruff.

Don’t forget to wash your hair in the morning.

Method 7

It is a good idea to mix coconut oil with essential oils which have strong antiseptic properties which will help you to get rid of any infections causing dandruff.

You should take a teaspoon of coconut oil and add several drops of rosemary oil to it. Mix the oils and rub the mixture into your scalp. You can leave it on your skin for at least ten minutes and wash your hair with shampoo.

You can perform this procedure anytime you are planning to wash your hair.

Method 8

You have already learnt about the mixture of coconut oil and rosemary oil. You should also know that you can add many other oils to coconut oil when you use this product against dandruff. For example, take cedar wood essential oil, tea tree essential oil and ylang ylang oil.

You can prepare the following mixture of oils. Add two drops of yland ylang oil, four drops of cedar wood oil and a teaspoon of tea tree oil to a cup of coconut oil. All these ingredients should be mixed well. Then, you can cover your scalp with this mixture.

When you apply the mixture of oils on your skin, it is better to perform a delicate massage. Leave the substance on your skin for at least an hour. Finally, you should wash your hair with mild shampoo. This remedy can be used any time you are planning to wash your hair.

Method 9

Consume coconut oil daily or take supplement containing this oil in order to get the most of the properties of this remedy.

Other Home Remedies for Dandruff

If you don’t like the use of coconut oil or it is difficult for you to purchase this product, you can use such oils as tea tree essential oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, neem oil or castor oil.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most effective natural antibiotics which can kill a great amount of various fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viral infections. This property is especially useful for anyone who is trying to get rid of dandruff. If you apply this oil, you will be able to get rid of your problem with dandruff and normalise the production of skin oils. In addition to it, this remedy has a very pleasant scent.

The simplest way of using tee tree oil or your scalp problems is adding several drops into your regular shampoo and use it any time you are washing your hair.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a better option for those people, who are suffering from dandruff because their scalps are too dry. This product soothes and moisturises the skin. It is a perfect substance for skin nutrition. The use of this oil will help you to get rid of the problem with brittle, dry and damaged hair. In addition to it, olive oil can remove thick dead skin of your scalp in large flakes instead of small pieces. Thus, you will cleanse your scalp of any dead skin perfectly.

You can cover your scalp with olive oil and leave it there for approximately two hours, Then, you should wash your hair with shampoo. You can also use warm oil for this procedure. In this case, you will need to cover your head with a soft cloth or towel. If you want, you can leave the oil on your head overnight.

Jojoba Oil

Why should you use jojoba oil for dandruff?

Jojoba oil has very peculiar properties. First of all, it is important to say that jojoba oil isn’t an oil at all. It is a wax ester which has a structure which is very similar to the structure of human sebum. The use of this oil will maintain the balance in the production of your skin oils without clogging your pores. Like olive oil, jojoba oil helps to remove big flakes of thick and dead skin of your head.

Pay your attention to the fact that jojoba oil is good not only for the people with dry scalp. This oil also cleanses the hair dissolving sebum which is produced in excessive amounts. With the help of this oil, you will be able to get the most appropriate pH of your scalp. Thus, your hair will be healthy and it will grow faster.

You can use jojoba oil for treating dandruff in a very simple way. You just need to add several drops of this oil into your regular conditioner. Apply this conditioner on your scalp after washing your hair. Leave the conditioner for at least 15 minutes. Then, you can rinse the conditioner with water. Do not use any shampoo for rinsing the conditioner.

Neem Oil

It is recommended to use neem oil for dandruff as well since it is a natural repellent killing various microorganisms. This oil is made of the seeds of the fruits of neem tree. Using neem oil will make your scalp shiny, smooth and healthy. It is also advised to use this oil in case you want to speed up the growth of your hair.

Neem oil can be added to your regular shampoo as well. Take approximately half a teaspoon per a bottle of shampoo. This shampoo can be used anytime you are washing your hair.

Castor Oil

Castor oil combines antimicrobial properties with moisturising and nourishing properties. Therefore, if you are suffering from a scalp infection or dry skin on your hair, you can use castor oil for treating these health conditions.

Castor oil is rich in omga-6 fatty acids, amino acids and vitamin E. All of these substances are extremely important for the health of your scalp. In addition to it, castor oil has a lot of proteins which will make your hair strong and attractive.

You can use castor oil with olive oil. You should mix the same amount of castor oil and olive oil. Warm this mixture in a microwave oven for several minutes. You can apply the mixture on your scalp and leave it there for at least twenty minutes. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo afterwards.

As far as you can see, it is possible to mix the majority of oils described in this article. You can take any carrier oil and essential oil for treating your dandruff. Yet, you should be careful while choosing essential oils. Some of these substances can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, it is advised to check the oil on a small spot of your skin before you apply it on your scalp.

You should always use a carrier oil with an essential oil. Some essential oils such as tea tree oil can dry your skin while used alone. You can also add several drops of essential oils to your regular shampoo or hair conditioner instead of a carrier oil.

If you decide to use hot therapy, you should be very careful with the temperature of the oils you are using since they can damage your skin.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff Using Natural Coconut Oil
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