Cirrhosis of the Liver: Symptoms, Stages and Life Expectancy

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Cirrhosis of the Liver: Symptoms, Stages and Life Expectancy
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First of all, learn some basic facts about hepatitis type B and C. Get vaccinated before travelling to exotic countries or before surgical operations. Make sure that you get your tattoos, take care of your teeth and skin in hygienic places, where all the tools are sterile.

Remember that unprotected sexual intercourse or drug use put you in the risk group of cirrhosis development too. Actually, any addiction is bad for your liver and other organs. Don’t consume too much alcohol as it is a toxin, which may gradually kill you.

If you are a healthy person, you can of course drink a glass of wine or beer from time to time, but don’t make it your routine. Smoking cigarettes is also a habit to quit as it has a disastrous effect on the whole of your organism.

Don’t forget about the importance of physical activities and resting afterwards. Sleeping at least eight hours a night should be your habit as it is the time when your organism regenerates. A proper amount of sleep and physical activities will help you keep good weight too.

As various vitamins and supplements are easily available nowadays and you don’t need any prescription for them, people tend to eat them as if they were candies. It’s a very bad trend as actually, they can harm you liver. Thus, be careful when taking such supplements as iron, copper, or vitamin A.

Cirrhosis – Final Comments

Cirrhosis is a very dangerous disease, which often develops over years not giving any clear signs. Once you find out that you suffer from cirrhosis, it is already in an advanced stage. That’s why, regular check-ups are extremely important and crucial when it comes to prevention.

Take blood tests and urine tests at least once a year as they can often reveal that something wrong is going on in your body and detect the disease in an early stage. Don’t treat cirrhosis as the disease of alcoholics or drug abusers only as in many cases the cause of the condition remains unknown.

Nevertheless, if your doctor tells you that you suffer from cirrhosis, don’t treat it as a death sentence. The disease can be stopped or significantly slowed down if it is treated properly. What’s more, new, alternative therapies are being developed and it’s probably just a matter of time when it can be fully cured.

Last but not least, you need to be aware that in case of cirrhosis really a lot depends on you and your approach to the disease. If you want to rely only on a medical treatment, it won’t be successful. The key step is to quit bad habits and start to lead a healthy lifestyle. Only then, when you combine a medical treatment with your own everyday effort, the results may be positive.

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