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Carlos Rodon Signs A Six-Year Deal With The Yankees



Carlos Rodon Signs A Six-Year Deal With The Yankees

Did you hear about the Yankees yet? If not, this one’s for you. Carlos Rodon is all set to sign a six-year deal- reported sources. The guy is headed to the Bronx now. Now, what’s new in that?

This deal is going to give one of the most formidable starting rotations to the all-time favorite Yankees. It is the American league’s formidable starting rotations that have been done into an agreement. 

Carlos Rodon Joining Yankees

Carlos Rodon signed a six-year contract with the Yankees on Thursday. The deal is of around 162 million USD and was reported by trusted sources. The same was reported all over the world and is now an official rumor (that seems true). What is the deal about? And how is the Yankees bond with Carlos Rodon?

The deal is signed for around 162 million USD and has a no-trade clause. This deal hasn’t been officially announced by the club but is revealed by some trusted sources. It is intended to be true and is still a topic of discussion.

Carlos Rodon Joining Yankees

We all know and remember the Yankees’ splashy move. It was back in the Winter Meetings with an intent to bring the superstar, the outstanding outfielder Aaron Judge. He was requested to get back on a nine-year deal that was signed for approx 360 million USD. This deal is followed by the agreement with 30 years old Carlos Rodon. 

The agreement was in between negotiations until it hit approval. It was also done by managing the general partner Hal Steinbrenner who was seen promising the judge that he will fulfill the demands. He also stated that he will work on fulfilling the duties and will improve the roster and later with Carlos Rodon, the judge delivered the same. 

Talking about Carlos Rodon, we all recognize him as the top starting pitcher in the free-agent market! He along with Jacob deGrom has worked across the same. They also relocated to the Rangers and later Justin Verlandet with the meta while cross towning. Having a word with the Yankees manager Aaron Boone, he spoke about the same and said that the guy is really good. He reported the same in the Winter Meetings in San Diego. All he had to say was the good in the guy- and we seem to believe it.

Talking about the Yankees again, their work off-season isn’t done yet, it’s incomplete. Not even with the judge, Rodon, and Anthony Rosso who’s the first baseman of the same. They have agreed to the new deals this off-season but still, the Yankees’ work isn’t complete yet. Brian Cashman who’s the general manager of the club is looking for a left fielder.

He also wanted Andrew Benintendi to be his first choice but things didn’t seem to work out well. This is one of the important pieces of work left for the Yankees and we cannot wait to see the final left fielder!

The Yankees explored other trades as well- the one was for Bryan Reynolds and the Twins (Max Kepler). The rumors have it that they might consider Michael Conforto as well- who knows!

Moving back to Rodon, his deal is one of the most impactful as with it, the team won 99 regular season games. It is one of the best records of the team in the American League championship series. The guy is indeed a miracle for the team, fans, and the whole club. He has a lengthy injury history and appeared in only 11 games in 2019. He’s a blessing though, as we can see in the club’s performance!