How to Get Rid Of Brown Spots on Skin: Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid Of Brown Spots on Skin - Best Home RemediesBrown spots on skin, which are also known as age spots, solar lentigines, sun spots, liver spots and senile lentigo, are a very widespread form of dermatological changes.

Normally, brown spots on skin are harmless, although many people, especially women, consider them to be unattractive. There is a popular belief, that brown spots make skin look older than wrinkles. Thus, some people are doing everything in order to get rid of these skin changes.

In order to choose the right treatment, it is essential to learn the causes of brown spots, since it is very easy to get them back even after the most efficient therapy. In addition to it, you will see that there is a great deal of home remedies, which can be successfully used against brown spots.

The Causes of Brown Spots on Skin

Sometimes it is difficult to find out the real cause of brown spots on skin. Nonetheless, it is obvious that the skin pigment called melanin is responsible for the production of brown spots.

There are several known factors, which can cause the appearance of brown spots on skin. Of course, the main agent is UV (ultraviolet radiation).

Many people believe that the sun is the biggest evil producing ultraviolet rays; therefore, they prefer using tanning beds. Nevertheless, tanning beds have the same harmful impact on skin as the sun does. It means, that those, who enjoy sunbathing, as well as those who like browning in tanning beds have equal chancing of getting brown spots on their skin.

Consequently, the appearance of brown spots is more excessive with aging. Senile lentigo attacks all the visible parts of a body, which are exposed to the sun light. Thus, a face, shoulders, back sides of hands, forearms and the upper back part are susceptible to the appearance of brown spots most of all.

Although sun spots can develop on skin of people of any race, age or sex, the people with fair skin are the most vulnerable. Moreover, some people with particular genetics have more chances of getting brown spots.

The Medical Treatment of Brown Spots on Skin

Before you decide to treat brown spots on your skin with any medicaments or homemade remedies, it is advisable to visit a doctor in order to diagnose them. Undoubtedly, those, who have had freckles since their childhood won’t have any doubts concerning the nature of their brown spots. Nonetheless, in case your brown spots have just started showing and you are not sure about them, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

A doctor will examine your spots, checking their appearance. If your medical adviser has any doubts, he or she will perform a biopsy in order to rule out the possibility of oncological nature of your brown spots.

You should be serious about visiting a doctor, since t is sometimes rather difficult to understand, whether a brown spot is a harmless solar lentigo, or it is a sign of a life-threatening illness. It may be rather baffling to check your brown spots yourself, since senile lentigens can differ in their colour and texture. The only thing, which is always the same in case of sun spots, is that they are absolutely painless.

There is no actual necessity in treating brown spots on skin. It is a matter of aesthetical feelings of a person. Whereas some people consider freckles to be cute and attractive, some people have a desire for getting rid of sun spots by any cost.

Thus, modern medicine offers several ways of escape from your brown spots.


You can get a medication on prescription or over-the-counter one. These medications are creams, which will help you to bleach your brown spots, although the process can take several months. Since the creams given on prescription have higher concentration of active substances, such as hydroquinone or retinoids (for instance, tretinoin), they may work more effectively than their over-the-counter alternatives.

Other over-the-counter bleaching creams can contain such substances as deoxyarbutin, alha hydroxy acid, kojic acid and glycolic acid. Remember, that these creams have an essential side effect: they increase skin sensitiveness to the damaging effect of ultraviolet radiation.

Medical Procedures

There is a great deal of medical procedures used for bleaching brown spots, which is offered by cosmeticians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons. The most popular medical methods are cryosurgery, laser treatment, dermabrasion and chemical treatment.

Cryosurgery is a medical technology used for getting rid of tissues by freezing them with liquid nitrogen. It is widely used in plastic surgery and dermatology.

Laser treatment is a method, which focus on the cells producing melanin and destroy them.

Dermabrasion is medical treatment, which is based on the exfoliation of skin layers. It takes the layers with pigment in order to give a place for growing to new fair skin.

The chemical-based method is similar to dermabrasion, although dermabrasion usually uses mechanical force for skin exfoliation whereas the chemical method uses special chemical peels for destroying the outer pigmented layers of skin.

The Best Home Remedies for Brown Spots on Skin

The medical methods, used for bleaching brown spots, are damaging skin. Thus, beyond a shadow of a doubt, these medical treatments can cause side effects. Therefore, you can use one of the home remedies for getting rid of solar lentigo.

How to Get Rid Of Brown Spots on Skin: Best Home Remedies
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