Brown Spots on Eye: Causes, Treatment and Best Home Remedies

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Another bad habit, especially among women, is picking their eyelashes. Some women tend to do it when they are stressed or worried, but eyelashes play a very important role as they protect your eyes against dirt and debris. Thus, when you pick up your eyelashes, you remove the protection of your eyes.

A common mistake made by people who wear contact lenses is not changing them regularly or not cleaning them properly. Bacteria can easily build up in your lenses and if you do not change them every three to four months, you can quickly develop an infection. Also, do not clean your lenses with water only as it will not remove all the bacteria from them. Instead, use a special cleaning solution to contact lenses.

People who work a lot in front of the computer often have the impression that their eyes are dry and a good solution to that problem is using artificial tears, which quickly lubricate your eyes. When you use this solution only occasionally, it is fine, but if you get used to it and you use it too frequently, artificial tears may restrict the blood vessels in your eyes. As a result, your eyes may become red and itchy once you stop using artificial tears.

Last but no least, remember to protect your eyes when you spend a day in the sun or in a swimming pool. Water in swimming pools is full of chemicals which may damage or irritate your eyes. Therefore, always use goggles when you swim in a swimming pool. Additionally, remember that you should always protect your eyes against the sun. Buy good quality sunglasses and wear them every time you are in the sun.

These are some simple tips which you should always follow and remember about if you want to avoid vision problems. They may also prevent the development of brown spots on your eyes. You should take proper care of your eyes the same way you take care of the rest of your body.

If there is some abnormality in the appearance of one or both of your eyes or you experience sudden worsening of sight, discomfort, redness, or itching, do not ignore the problem and seek a medical consultation. Even if you do not experience any worrying symptoms or you think that your eyesight is perfectly fine, you still should visit an eye doctor at least once every two years for a check-up.

Also, if you have consulted a brown spot on your eye and you know it is not a medical disorder, but only an aesthetic problem, you still should have it checked regularly at a doctor’s. It sometimes happens that a spot on eye which is initially benign, becomes malignant over time. Therefore, regular check-ups are crucial to prevent the development of a more serious medical condition.

Brown Spots on Eye: Causes, Treatment and Best Home Remedies
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