Brown Spots on Eye: Causes, Treatment and Best Home Remedies

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As causes of pigmentation changes within the eye vary, it is always recommended to consult all the abnormalities, which occur on the surface of your eye, with a doctor. In fact, you should go for a check-up to an eye doctor at least once in two years even if you do not suffer from any worrying symptoms.

How Is Brown Spot on Eye Diagnosed

If you notice a brown spot on eye, you should never ignore it even if it is not accompanied by any pain or discomfort. In most cases the problem is not serious but you should have it consulted with an eye doctor or so called ophthalmologist.

You should not be worried that the examination will be painful or that the doctor will poke your eye. In fact, the procedure will be painless and safe. Your doctor will only thoroughly observe your spot and the blood vessels which surround it. In order to perform the examination effectively your doctor will use a special equipment known as a fluorescein angiogram.

The machine enables your doctor to observe the spot from different angles and even from the back of your eye. For sure, your doctor will also observe the spot over time to check if it changes its color, size, or shape.

Medical Treatment to Brown Spot on Eye

A medical treatment to a brown spot on eye always depends on the underlying cause of it. If it is only a cosmetic problem for you, it is possible to remove it by a professional. Before you decide to a treatment, always ask your doctor about all the details of the procedure.

1.     Special Eye Drops

Medicated eye drops are probably the easiest way to solve the problem of a brown spot. However, they will not help in every case. In fact, they are mainly useful when some change in the sclera color appears due to increased pressure in the eye.

In such a case the eye drops may lower the pressure in your eye or make the fluids in your eyes go better through the drainage eye angle, which also reduces the pressure. This procedure may prevent glaucoma development. However, eye drops will not solve more serious medical problems.

2.     Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is probably one of the most effective solutions to brown spot in your eye. There are two different types of laser, which can be used to treat eye problems – so called trabeculoplasty and laser iridotomy.

The former one is used to make better drainage if you deal with decreased eye pressure. The latter one is used to get rid of pigment dispersion syndrome. The laser makes the iris flatter and lowers the pigment that floats around in your eye. Laser therapy is a safe, painless, and effective solution to a brown spot on the eye.

3.     Removal of Foreign Object

If a brown spot on your eye is caused by a foreign object that got stuck in your eye, do not try to remove it on your own as you can only end up with  permanent eye damage. Go to a doctor who will numb your eye with mild anesthetic drops and then painlessly remove the foreign object.

Alternatively, your doctor may flush the object out with a saline solution. If the object got stuck deep in your eye and your eye is red, swollen, or inflamed, you may have to have it covered with a patch so that it could rest. A few days after the procedure you will have to go for a check-up to make sure that the object was completely removed and that the healing process of your eye goes smoothly.

4.     Nevi Treatment

If it has been diagnosed that a brown spot on your eye is only a benign nevus, it may be removed through a minor surgical procedure. It is often recommended to remove a nevus even though it is benign as otherwise, after some time,  it can transform into a malignant change. In some cases the sufferers decide to remove the nevus for aesthetic reasons.

The surgical removal of the nevus, when performed by an experienced professional, is rather a minor procedure. Nevertheless, you will have to stay in hospital for some time and your eye will be thoroughly monitored even a few months after the operation.

5.     Other Surgical Procedures

Depending on the underlying cause of the brown spot on your eye, your doctor may suggest you various solutions to your problem. For example, he may recommend you a procedure known as conjunctivectomy, which is the removal of your eye conjunctival layer. After the procedure it will regenerate without the brown spot on it.

If it turns out that the spot on your eye is cancerous, you may have to go to an oncologist, who will recommend you chemotherapy or a surgical removal of the spot. If there is some problem with drainage in your eye, you may have implanted a solution known as glaucoma drainage device, which can be described as small drainage tubes implanted into your eye.

Brown Spot on Eye – Best Home Remedies

The above described treatment options are quite invasive and if you already know, thanks to a medical consultation, that a brown spot on your eye is only an aesthetic problem, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do which will help you to get rid of the spot on your own, from the comfort of your house.

Brown Spots on Eye: Causes, Treatment and Best Home Remedies
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