Blue Veins in Hands Suddenly: Common Causes and Home Remedies

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Sitting and standing all days long is also very harmful to your veins as it slows down your blood circulation. If you just have to stand long hours at work, at least take breaks during which you can sit with your legs elevated. On the other hand, if you sit the whole days, when you take a break, go for a short walk even if it is only along your office.

These are the things which are not good to your veins and which you should avoid. However, there are also some simple steps which may fantastically improve the good health of your veins. The key rule is to keep your body well hydrated as then your blood is thinner and it flows more easily. Therefore, drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is the simplest and the cheapest solution to healthy and strong veins.

Additionally, if you know that you are in the risk group of developing venous problems, for example because of genetics, the character of your work, or pregnancy, you should consider wearing compression stockings, which will support proper blood circulation. Also, a good idea is to rest with your legs elevated higher than the level of your heart.

While sitting or standing all day long is not good for you, walking is very beneficial for you health an for your veins. When you walk, you put only low pressure on your veins, which acts on them similarly to the compression stockings. Walk every day for at least thirty minutes for the best results. Apart from keeping your veins healthy, you can also lose some weight and have a better shape.

Do not forget about the importance of your diet too as food rich in minerals and vitamins will make your veins stronger and more resistant. Vitamin C and vitamin K are very important for good blood circulation. Therefore, include citrus fruit and leafy greens into your meals on an everyday basis. Nuts, dried fruit, oily fish, fiber rich food are also a great idea.

Last but not least, if you notice any worrying symptoms connected with your venous system, do not hesitate to visit a doctor. Most of the conditions are easily curable when they are treated in an early stage. There are various medical treatments available and most of them are quick, painless, and effective.

Remember, however, that the best thing you can do for your veins and overall well-being is leading a healthy lifestyle. If you are physically active, eat healthily, and cut down on bad habits such as drinking alcohol or smoking, your cardiovascular system will stay healthy for long years.

If you already suffer from obesity, high cholesterol level, or diabetes, you need to take double care of your veins and heart. Do not forget about regular check-ups at your doctor’s in order to control the existing conditions and to prevent the development of new problems.

Blue Veins in Hands Suddenly: Common Causes and Home Remedies
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