Blue Veins in Hands Suddenly: Common Causes and Home Remedies

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Therefore, when you are outdoors, always apply sunscreen on your hands, which will protect you from the harmful sunlight. You can also choose sunscreen combined with a moisturizer for a double care. Always keep such a cosmetic product in your bag and apply it on your hands a few times a day when it is sunny.

3. Try Sugar Scrub

This cheap and natural home-made scrub will make your hands incredibly soft and it will make your veins less visible. All you need to gather is some white or brown sugar and some non-fragrant plant-based oil. Mix the two ingredients so that they form a thick paste.

Gently massage the scrub into your hands and leave it for about five minutes. Then wash it off with warm water, dry your hands and apply some lotion on them. Sugar scrub should be able to make your veins less prominent.

4. Try Stretching Exercises

The stretching exercises for your fingers, hands, and wrists may turn out to be helpful in case of visible, blue veins. Exercises improve the blood circulation, which will make your veins less visible.

For example, you can bend your fingers back and then try to bend your thumb forward and back. Do it a few times and then repeat the movements with your other hand. To stretch your wrists put your hands together like in a prayer position and raise the elbows to your sides. Now direct your wrists towards the belly button.

These simple exercises are simple, yet effective, and you can do them almost everywhere – even when you take a break at work.

5. Try Laser Therapy

It is not a home remedy, but a medical treatment done in a professional office. You should not be afraid of that, though, as it does not involve any surgical operations or needles. The doctor only closes off your veins with bursts of laser light.

The procedure is painless, you can only feel a stinging sensation during the process. Also, after the treatment you cannot expose the affected area to the sun. Your visible veins fade or even disappear afterwards.

This kind of therapy is much more effective than home remedies, especially in case of spider veins. It may not work if the veins are large and swollen. However, it is your doctor’s decision whether it is worth trying  or not.

6. Vein Stripping and Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Two similar procedures, which may help you get rid of blue, prominent veins in hands or other parts of the body quickly and painlessly. Vein stripping requires only local anesthesia in the affected skin area. Then your doctor makes tiny incisions in the skin, through which he removes varicose veins.

Ambulatory phlebectomy is a very similar kind of treatment to vein stripping. During a minor surgical procedure a doctor makes tiny punctures in your skin and removes varicose veins.

7. Sclerotherapy

Another medical treatment which can help you get rid of blue and prominent veins. During the procedure the doctor injects a special solution into your vein to create scar tissue and close it off. The blood flow is redirected with the use of nearby blood vessels.

The method does not do any harm to your veins, it is safe and can effectively resolve the problem of blue, visible veins in hands and other parts of the body.

Extra Tips for Healthy Veins

While sudden appearance of blue and prominent veins in hands or any other part of your body is rarely something to worry about, the health of your veins is extremely important for overall well-being and something you should care about.

There are a few things which you can do to keep your veins strong and healthy. First of all, your veins do not like being exposed to heat. Frequent, hot baths, or spending long hours at the beach in the summer are the enemies to your veins.

Secondly, your veins do not like too much sugar so if you want them to be healthy, cut down on all those energy drinks, fizzy drinks, and sodas. They all contain a huge amount of sugar, which may have a disastrous effect on your veins. If you consume too much sugar, you are in the risk group of developing diabetes, high cholesterol level, and obesity.

Exercising and going to the gym are of course good habits. Regular physical activity improves your blood circulation and in effect makes your veins stronger. However, lifting heavy weight may have the opposite effect. When you do weightlifting, you put a lot of pressure on your veins, which may damage them.

Another key point to healthy veins is giving up smoking as it has a really negative influence on your cardiovascular system. Nicotine thickens your blood and drastically slows down the blood circulation. What’s more, smoking cigarettes regularly makes your arteries narrower and harder, which dramatically increases the risk of blood clot development.

Blue Veins in Hands Suddenly: Common Causes and Home Remedies
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