Blue Veins in Hands Suddenly: Common Causes and Home Remedies

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Varicose veins usually appear on legs, but they can develop in any part of your body. It is mainly a problem of people who walk or stand a lot at their work. It is recommended to consult the problem of varicose veins with a doctor.

9. Hormonal Changes

Women who undergo some hormonal changes or deal with hormonal imbalance, are more likely to develop blue and prominent veins in hands or other parts of the body.

Therefore, women who are pregnant, who have their menstruation, or who go through menopause, may deal with blue and visible veins more commonly.

10. The Weather

The weather may have an impact on the appearance of your veins. In fact, when it is hot, your veins may have some difficulties with normal functioning and as a result they become swollen and more prominent.

However, when it is really cold, some people start to have a very pale shade of their skin. When that happens, blue veins become more noticeable too.

Blue Veins and Vascular Disease

As you can see blue and visible veins are usually caused by benign factors, which we can do nothing about. However, it may rarely happen that this phenomenon is a consequence of some more serious medical disorders. One of them is so called vascular disease.

A few types of a vascular disease can be identified with peripheral vascular disease and deep vein thrombosis being the most common ones. They lead to some disfunctions in your lymph vessels and blood, which blocks the blood flow.

If the disease affects your arms and hands, probably the blockage appears in the blood and lymph vessels in your arm or in one of your vessels which go along your collarbone as they connect with the vessels in your arm. Of course, the obstruction may also take place in the carotid artery , which then causes the compression and swelling of the nearby vessels.

There are various causes of a vascular disease, which often do not depend on us as, for example, it happens due to genetic factors, blood vessels injury or aging. However, it is sometimes our fault that the disease develops as it may also be caused by smoking or lack of physical activities. Additionally, people who suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes are also in the risk group of developing vascular disease.

Apart from blue, visible veins, however, vascular disease causes also other symptoms. You may feel that your limbs are heavier than usual or your skin may start to have a different shade. Additionally, your muscles can be weak, you can feel pain in the affected area or the mobility can be reduced.

It also happens that your wounds do not want to heal quickly and in a more advanced stage of the disease you may also experience shortness of breath or fatigue. If you can observe any of these symptoms, consult your doctor.

A vascular disease is potentially life-threatening and therefore it requires medical care. In order to diagnose a vascular disease, you will need to have your blood vessels viewed with an ultrasound or angiogram. A physical test, for example treadmill running, is sometimes done to check and compare your blood pressure in different parts of the body.

The treatment of a vascular disease depends on its severity. However, in most cases the obstruction in the vessel needs to be cleared. It can be done by applying a special device which holds the blood vessel open when the blockage is removed, or the whole blocked part of the vessel is removed. Your doctor will choose the best therapy for you.

Blue Veins in Hands Suddenly – The Best Treatment and Home Remedies

A vascular disease described in the previous section is a serious condition, which needs a medical treatment. However, in most cases blue and prominent veins are only a cosmetic problem as they are not dangerous, but look unattractive.

Fortunately, there are various possible treatment options and home remedies, which you can choose from if you want to get rid of or at least reduce the problem of blue and visible veins in hands.

1. Moisturize Your Skin

When your skin id dry and cracked, your veins will be more visible and prominent. If you often keep your hands under water, the production of natural oils, which can be found on your skin, is disturbed.

Therefore, moisturize your skin regularly so that it is soft and smooth. You can use hand creams available on the market or use natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, or avocado.

Optionally, use paraffin wax for deep moisturizing. Apply a thin layer of paraffin wax on your hands once a week and you will see that you hands will be softer and well-moisturized while your veins will not be so noticeable.

2. Remember About Sunscreen

Our hands are one of the body parts which are exposed to the sun in the greatest extent. As a result, the skin on our hands may get damaged very quickly, which makes the veins more visible.

Blue Veins in Hands Suddenly: Common Causes and Home Remedies
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