Blue Veins in Hands Suddenly: Common Causes and Home Remedies

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Blue Veins in Hands Suddenly – Common Causes and Home RemediesThe main function of your blood vessels is to transport blood through your body. Mostly, they are not clearly visible, but in some people they are easily noticeable especially in hands, where they are as if swollen or bulging and have a bluish color. In fact, your veins are always bluish but we start to notice it only when they get closer to the surface of your skin.

If it is also your problem, you may be wondering if you should worry about it. Very rarely, however, blue veins in hands are a sign of a serious medical issue as in most cases they start to look like that when we are getting older. Read on and find out what the causes of blue veins are and – as they look unattractively – check the best possible treatments and remedies to this problem.

What Are The Causes of Blue Veins in Hands

There are various causes of prominent, blue veins in hands, but most of them are connected with our age or genetics. It happens very rarely that visible blue veins in hands are caused by a serious medical disorder.

1. Your Age

Veins become more visible when we are getting older. It is an absolutely normal process because the older we get, the thinner and less elastic our skin becomes and it produces less collagen. As a result, our blood vessels are more prominent and their bluish color is more visible too.

When your veins become visible due to aging, there is nothing to worry about. For sure, however, the problem will concern people who are skinny in a greater extent.

2. The Shade of Your Skin

The shade of your skin matters too when it comes to sudden appearance of blue veins on your hands or other parts of the skin. People with a pale complexion are more likely to develop this problem than people with dark skin.

Therefore, if you are getting older and your skin is pale, then it is probable that you will suddenly notice that your veins are bluish and visible. If the problem is connected only with your beauty type, you should not concern about it.

3. Genetics

If you can see that one of your close relatives has his or her veins bulging and visible, there is a higher chance that you will also have them. As it has already been mentioned other genetic factors are also to blame, for example, the pigmentation of your skin or your weight.

The good news, however, is that even if your mother or father have blue and prominent veins, you won’t deal with the problem until you get old.

4. Loss of Fat

If you started to see you veins after your lost some weight, they had probably been hidden under a layer of fat. Once you got rid of the fat, the veins started to be more visible. The contrast will be the most noticeable if you lost a lot of weight in a short period of time.

Also, bulging, blue veins are often visible among the gym lovers who have strong and prominent muscles, which push their veins closer to the skin surface. Thus, if you do weightlifting and you have very little body fat, it is more likely that your veins will be more noticeable.

Of course, if you are naturally skinny, you can also develop the problem of blue and bulging veins more easily.

5. Medicines

If blue veins in your hands appeared quite suddenly, have a closer look at the medications you have been taking recently. Apparently, some drugs make our skin thinner which results in more visible veins.

The medicines which may lead to that effect include steroids. Thus, if you take any of them, it may be the culprit of your problem. Talk with your doctor about the issue to make sure if it is a normal side effect of the drug.

6. Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, due to higher demands of the baby, her body produces more blood and the heart beats faster. As a result, the veins of pregnant women are often more visible, however, the problem usually concerns breasts, abdomen, or legs, and not hands.

In most cases the problem resolves itself after the period of pregnancy. The veins on the breasts, though, may be also more prominent during the period of breastfeeding.

7. Spider Veins

It is possible that your blue veins are actually so called spider veins. They are called like that because they form a pattern which resembles a spider web. They are usually red, blue, or purple and occur mainly on legs or face.

It is recommended to remove spider veins not only for the esthetic reasons, but also because they may become painful and lead to some more serious conditions.

8. Varicose Veins

If you can observe that your veins have become more visible, it is possible that you have so called varicose veins. These are large vessels, that sometimes get swollen and prominent. Consequently, they often have a dark blue color and as if stick out of your skin.

Blue Veins in Hands Suddenly: Common Causes and Home Remedies
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