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Blue Tick Is Back On Twitter: But iPhone Users Will Pay More This Time



Blue Tick Is Back On Twitter But iPhone Users Will Pay More This Time

Twitter is relaunching its blue-tick services on Monday with new prices for iPhone users. Now iPhone users have to pay $11 per month for the blue tick while the price for android users remains the same at $8 per month.

This step is followed by a revamp of the offer last month which led to many fake users taking the opportunity and impersonating verified accounts of public figures and brands.

Shortly after the move, Twitter stated, “We are relaunching, TwitterBlue on Monday, subscribe on android for $8 and $11 for iPhone to avail of the subscriber-only features”.

They added that subscribers will get more prominence on the app compared to normal users. Their tweets will be featured on the top of the search, mentions, and replies. This feature is going to be activated soon.

Blue-Tick Service is Available Limitedly

According to the official Twitter website, the Blue-tick service is only available in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and The U.K., and they are planning to expand this.

Blue Tick Is Back On Twitter: But iPhone Users Will Pay More This Time

Twitter reported that giving prominence to subscribers would help them tackle spam and scams on the platform. Referring to one of the owners of the platform, Elon Musk, who tried to walk away from a major business deal because of his hesitations regarding fake automated bot accounts.

Subscribers who try to change their handle, profile picture, or name would lose the feature of a blue tick for some time until they are again reviewed, Twitter stated.

Other amazing features of this offer include the power to edit tweets. According to a trial version that was launched in September, just before Musk bought Twitter users will be able to edit their tweets which are 30 minutes old with a symbol showing ‘ it has been modified. Other features include the power to post longer tweets and offer half the number of adverts.

Twitter also added that they would introduce a color-code verification scheme where the brands and businesses get a gold tick mark and the Government gets a gray one.

Musk hasn’t revealed exactly why Apple users are being charged more, but he has been critical of the app’s fee charged in the App Store which takes a 30 percent sales cut. In a series of long tweets, he accused Apple of threatening to remove Twitter from the App Store for unwanted reasons and he concluded that iPhone users have stopped advertising the App on their platforms.

Lately, after a meeting with Apple co-founder Tim Cook, Musk tweeted that the misunderstanding of Twitter being removed from Apple’s app store has been solved.

Musk made it clear that he wants the platform to be less dependent on advertising which accounted for 90 percent of its revenue in 2021.

The need has become more immediate after Musk reported a massive drop in revenue when a large number of advertisers withdrew from the social media platform blaming the content moderation in the platform.