Blood Clot in Arm: Causes, Treatment and Best Home Remedies

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Blood Clot in Arm: Causes, Treatment and Best Home Remedies
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Also, if your work requires from you staying in the same position for a long time, take frequent breaks during which you should make energetic movements with your arms, wrists, and hands. It can be just a minute or two at a time, but it will improve blood circulation and this way prevent the blood clots development.

4.     Change Your Lifestyle

If you want to stay healthy and stop your blood clot from growing or you want to prevent the problem, you need to introduce healthy routines into your everyday lifestyle. One of your biggest enemies is smoking cigarettes as it significantly contributes to blood clots development. When you smoke cigarettes regularly, you make your blood thicker and your blood flow is slower, which is a key factor that leads to blood clots.

If you are obese, you are at the risk group of developing blood clots. Therefore, try to lose at least some kilos. You may do it by eating healthily and by exercising regularly. If you do not know how to deal with it or have poor motivation, consult a dietician, who will tell you what to do to lose some weight.

Drinking alcohol on a regular basis is not a good idea too as it can negatively influence you blood pressure and severely damage your internal organs. Therefore, quit smoking, eat healthily, exercise regularly and limit drinking alcohol to special occasions only. These simple things are crucial for staying healthy for long years. Moreover, these steps will generally make you feel better and improve the quality of your everyday life.

5.     Take Medicines

If your doctor has confirmed that you have a blood clot and he prescribed you some medical therapy, always follow it thoroughly. Never stop the therapy on your own once the symptoms relieved as it can only make the problem worse.

Moreover, consult every natural therapy with your doctor too. Even if you are planning to take herbs only, you should not start it on your own as they can seriously disturb the medicines or cause some side effects.

Blood Clot in Arm – When to Call a Doctor

As you can see blood clots may develop in different body areas and it can happen at any point of your life. A blood clot does not have to be dangerous and when detected at an early stage, when it is still small, it is possible to get rid of it without complications.

However, when a blood clot gets bigger or appears suddenly, it can be very dangerous and when it is not treated immediately, it can be life-threatening. Therefore, you need to know when to call a doctor as soon as possible.

Some alarming symptoms include sudden shortness of breath, which is not caused by exercises. You may also feel squeezing pain in your chest, which is so strong that it makes it difficult for you to breathe. The pain may also radiate to other parts of your body, such as shoulders, back, or jaw.

Other symptoms include the feeling of numbness in your face or the affected arm. You may also feel sudden weakness in your legs, dizziness, or strong headache. The affected arm area is often red, swollen, and inflamed.

If you experience any of the above described symptoms, do not hesitate and call emergency service at once. Only quick immediate care may prevent you from serious health complications.

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