Best Homemade Banana Face Masks Recipes for All Skin Types

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banana face masksBananas are famous all over the world. It’s a perfect snack as it’s both delicious and healthy. There is also one more reason why we should love them. Namely, when used externally, bananas can solve most of our skin problems. This cheap and natural solution is a great alternative to commercial products.

What Is So Special About Bananas

Bananas are full of ingredients, which are just perfect for our skin if you want it to look young and healthy. You can use it both externally and internally so that not only your skin, but the whole of your body will benefit from it.

Bananas are rich in potassium, which is essential if you have the impression that your skin is dehydrated and needs moisturizing. This amazing fruit can also provide your organism and skin with vitamin B complex, which will protect your skin against free radicals. Vitamin A will help you if you deal with acne or acne scars as well as it will make your skin smoother.

Another compound which is crucial if you want to get rid of acne is zinc and of course you will find it in bananas too. Vitamin C will boost the formation of collagen and control the sebum production while vitamin E will make your skin look young for longer.

Bananas also contain lectin and amino acid. The former can help you reduce bacteria responsible for acne while the latter will make your skin strong, elastic, and nourished.

As you can see, bananas should be the element of our everyday diet, but you can also try various banana face masks as they can solve various skin problems naturally.

Interesting Facts About Bananas

People all over the world consume about 100 billion bananas every year. Around 1000 various types of bananas can be enumerated. Due to the fact that bananas are rich in potassium they are radioactive.

The country in which the largest amount of bananas is consumed is Uganda as one person consumes about 500 pounds of bananas every year. A hand is a cluster of bananas while a finger is one banana.

You may think that only the fruit can be used, but actually other parts of a banana can be useful as well. For example, banana flowers, which are also known as banana buds, are commonly used to prevent infections. In some countries women consume them to treat excessive bleeding while menstruation.

Banana leaves, on the other hand, are a wonderful decoration of a table as they can be used to serve food, which will be nicely displayed on them. People also use a banana stem to cure constipation due to high content of fiber.

Is It for My Skin Type?

You may wonder if a banana face mask is a good idea for your skin. For sure it is as plenty of beneficial ingredients found in bananas will have a wonderful effect on every skin type.

It’s a good choice if your skin is dry and needs deep moisturizing. After the very first application of a banana face mask you should notice that your skin got a soft and smooth feel.

On the other hand, it will also help you if your skin is greasy and oily as it will act as a gentle peeling that will clear your skin from the excessive sebum. A banana face mask is also a good solution for acne or pimples as it can reduce the bacteria and inflammation that often accompanies acne skin.

Go for this amazing fruit if your skin is mature too as bananas may serve as natural botox due to their wonderful anti-aging effect. A banana face mask can slow down the aging process and make wrinkles less visible. Moreover, it can also lighten any darker spots or scars on your skin.

Last but not least, bananas, when applied on the skin, can successfully treat acne as they act as a natural peeling, which will clean your skin from all the impurities. The fruit may also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Best Homemade Banana Face Masks Recipes for All Skin Types

Learn which ingredients, depending on your skin type, you can add to a banana to prepare your own remedial face mask. Use it regularly and you will quickly see that it’s possible to have beautiful skin thanks to cheap and natural home remedies

1.     Banana Face Masks for Dry Skin

If your skin is dry and needs moisturizing you can combine a banana with an avocado as it’s rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which can deeply nourish your skin. After the first application of the mask you should already notice that your skin is much softer.

It’s very easy to prepare the mask as all you need is a ripe banana and a ripe avocado. Mash a half of the each fruit and mix them thoroughly in a bowl. It should have the consistency of a smooth paste.

Best Homemade Banana Face Masks Recipes for All Skin Types
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