10 Minor Causes of Belly Button Pain You Should Know

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10 Minor Causes of Belly Button Pain You Should Know
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Usually, ulcer can occur in case there is too much of stomach acid. It can be caused by various food or metabolic disorders as well as by other conditions. For instance, alcohol abuse or eating spicy food can also lead to ulcers. Still, one shouldn’t forget about different toxic substances which can entail wounds on the stomach layer.

The majority of people suffering from stomach ulcer notice that the pain aggravates after eating some particular products.

Sometimes you can avoid ulcer when noticing these unpleasant sensations after having a meal or right after awaking. In such a situation, you can take medicines which will normalise the acidic balance in your stomach. Still, if you are sure you are already suffering from ulcers, it is important to consult a doctor immediately.

Untreated ulcer can lead to various serious consequences, for instance to cancer or the development of a hole in the stomach layer.

6. Bacterial Infections

In many situations, the pain near the belly button is the result of bacterial or yeast infections which are developing in the gut area. Although the majority of such infections can be treated easily, it is still very important to consult a doctor since antibiotics are normally needed for getting rid of the malaise.

Still, there are many bacteria which are rather harmful for the general condition of your health. Thus, do not wait for too long and visit a specialist who may ask you to take some medical tests in order to examine the microorganisms attacking your gut.

7. Cystitis

Cystitis is one of the most popular Unitary Tract Infections (UTI). This malaise is usually quickly cured by patients, although sometimes a person can’t manage to get rid of the illness in a short time which can lead to a rather bad health condition.

This infection can spread to other parts of the body causing a dull pain near the area of the belly button.

The treatment of this ailment is often connected with taking antibiotics.

8. Gallstones

Gallstone entail various unpleasant sensations, one of which is an intensive pain near your belly button.

Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, gallstones are examined only in case they are already painful. Yet, it is important to know that the ache occurs only when gallstones are drifting in the gallbladder. Once they are settled, you cease to feel pain. After some time the process of drafting can repeat and you will feel the pain again.

The unpleasant sensations can be really acute. You can even experience the ache in the right shoulder. This malaise can also have such symptoms as fever and chills. In addition to it, the whites of the eyes can become yellowish.

It is obvious that experiencing such symptoms, it is extremely vital to visit a doctor. Gallstones are normally removed from a body with the help of a surgery.

 9. Appendicitis

Appendicitis is one of the most popular health problems which can be treated effectively. Nevertheless, it is crucially important to diagnose the illness quickly in order to perform the operation on time.

Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix which usually entails acute stomach ache. It is essential to know that the pain typical for appendicitis is aggravating quickly. therefore, in case you have noticed such sensations in your own body you shouldn’t wait for other symptoms. You need to visit a doctor immediately.

The inflammation of the appendix is developing quickly, therefore, it is vital to undergo a surgery within 24 hours. Otherwise, the appendix can burst causing massive intoxication of the whole body causing a death.

10. Pancreatic problems

Speaking about the most widespread causes of the pain occurring in the area of the belly button, it is important to point out the problems connected with the pancreas.

Once you have problems with pancreas, you can experience various symptoms. Some of them are very similar to the diabetes. You can also feel nausea and headaches as well as the pain in the area of your belly button.

It is crucial to see a doctor in case you have noticed these symptoms since pancreatitis can change into a chronic form or even cancer. Therefore, you should take care of your health and visit a specialist.

Other Causes of Belly Button Pain

Now you have learnt the miner causes of belly button pain. Sill, these are the most popular culprits of unpleasant sensations. In addition to them, there is a wide variety of other conditions which have one equal symptom. This symptom is the ache in the navel.

Among the acute diseases, entailing such a kind of a pain is mesenteric artery ischaemia. This illness is connected with none of the factors which have already been described in the current article. This is a problem with the blood circulation in one’s body which can lead to insufficient amount of blood in a particular part of the body.

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