10 Minor Causes of Belly Button Pain You Should Know

10 Minor Causes of Belly Button Pain You Should KnowA belly button pain can make anyone anxious. Whereas ache located in the belly area is quite a typical health malaise, when it occurs precisely in the area of belly button it can be rather disturbing. What are the possible causes of this condition and what measures can be taken in order to get rid of this pain?

10 Minor Causes of Belly Button Pain

Although many causes of belly button pain are not so severe and can be treated easily, it is still important to examine the pain. It is strongly recommended not to ignore any unpleasant sensations.

In the most of the cases, belly button pain is dull and constant. It doesn’t go away even after you have a good sleep. Yet, there are also situations when this pain can be sharp. It is obviously important to learn about the factors which can cause the pain.

1. Piercing

Certainly, one of the most common problems connected with a belly button is piercing. If you just have got your piercing, it is obvious that you will have aching sensations until the wound heals.

Nevertheless, if your wound has already healed and now you are experiencing the pain in your belly button it can mean two problems. The first one is that you have probably got an injury while putting on or taking off a sweater or a T-shirt. Another possibility is that you may have got an infection in your navel.

While a wound can be healed without your help, in case of having an inflammation process, you need to use some home remedies or visit a doctor. Anyway, any infection must be treated immediately since it can cause serious inflammation of internal organs.

2. Surgery

Apparently, in case you have recently undergone any kind of operation, you can feel painful sensations in your belly button. Such malaise can appear with other symptoms.

Nonetheless, it is important to visit a doctor if your pain doesn’t go away since it can be also connected with other health problems which are not necessarily the result of a recent surgery.

3. Pregnancy

On the one hand, pregnancy is the only normal condition of a belly button pain which doesn’t mean you are ill. On the other hand, pregnant women can also experience other kinds of pain in their navels which are not caused by pregnancy.

Normally, in case your painful sensations are bearable, it is possible that everything is right with your health. It is obvious that your body is changing and your belly s growing which causes stretching of the skin as well as additional pressure on some organs.

For instance, one of the most popular causes of a belly button pain while being pregnant is the pressure from uterus, which is especially intensive in the second and third trimester. This can also be a reason of a “popped” navel which is the protrusion of a belly button which used to be more like an “innie”.

Still, if you notice any abnormal sensations, it is extremely important to examine your health. Umbilical hernia is among such dangerous states of health which can occur during pregnancy. This ailment usually appears providing a mother is overweight or is expecting more than one child.

If you are sure that your pain is not dangerous, you can try to sooth it with the help of a maternity support belt. In case you are feeling that your unpleasant sensations are the result of stretching of the skin you can use special creams for pregnant women or natural cocoa butter.

Yet, providing you have such symptoms as vomiting, fever, cramping, welling or bleeding it is extremely important to visit a doctor.

4. Hernia

It has already been mentioned that one of the reasons of a belly button pain during pregnancy is hernia. Yet, this illness is popular not only among expecting women.

While mothers have this problem because of the pressure which comes from excessive weight or carrying several foetuses, other people can face hernia after traumas or physical work.

Hernia can have various forms. Sometimes a tissue in the abdominal area can be torn, although usually it is displacement of a part of an internal organ. Unfortunately, it normally leads to the protrusion of this organ through the wall of the cavity which contains the organ.

The most popular symptom of this illness is that one feels pain while doing such movements as bending over. Of course, there are many other possible symptoms of hernia. It is extremely important to visit a doctor in case you are considering the possibility of having this health problem.

In case the pain is the result of a torn issue, you will need a surgical intrusion in order to connect the pieces of the tissue. If you are experiencing the replacement of a part of an internal organ, sometimes the problem can be solved by special medical massage.

5. Ulcer

Another popular yet unpleasant culprit of a belly button pain is ulcer in one’s stomach. Ulcer is a bleeding wound which can be a result of various processes taking place in one’s body.

Usually, ulcer can occur in case there is too much of stomach acid. It can be caused by various food or metabolic disorders as well as by other conditions. For instance, alcohol abuse or eating spicy food can also lead to ulcers. Still, one shouldn’t forget about different toxic substances which can entail wounds on the stomach layer.

The majority of people suffering from stomach ulcer notice that the pain aggravates after eating some particular products.

Sometimes you can avoid ulcer when noticing these unpleasant sensations after having a meal or right after awaking. In such a situation, you can take medicines which will normalise the acidic balance in your stomach. Still, if you are sure you are already suffering from ulcers, it is important to consult a doctor immediately.

Untreated ulcer can lead to various serious consequences, for instance to cancer or the development of a hole in the stomach layer.

6. Bacterial Infections

In many situations, the pain near the belly button is the result of bacterial or yeast infections which are developing in the gut area. Although the majority of such infections can be treated easily, it is still very important to consult a doctor since antibiotics are normally needed for getting rid of the malaise.

Still, there are many bacteria which are rather harmful for the general condition of your health. Thus, do not wait for too long and visit a specialist who may ask you to take some medical tests in order to examine the microorganisms attacking your gut.

7. Cystitis

Cystitis is one of the most popular Unitary Tract Infections (UTI). This malaise is usually quickly cured by patients, although sometimes a person can’t manage to get rid of the illness in a short time which can lead to a rather bad health condition.

This infection can spread to other parts of the body causing a dull pain near the area of the belly button.

The treatment of this ailment is often connected with taking antibiotics.

8. Gallstones

Gallstone entail various unpleasant sensations, one of which is an intensive pain near your belly button.

Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, gallstones are examined only in case they are already painful. Yet, it is important to know that the ache occurs only when gallstones are drifting in the gallbladder. Once they are settled, you cease to feel pain. After some time the process of drafting can repeat and you will feel the pain again.

The unpleasant sensations can be really acute. You can even experience the ache in the right shoulder. This malaise can also have such symptoms as fever and chills. In addition to it, the whites of the eyes can become yellowish.

It is obvious that experiencing such symptoms, it is extremely vital to visit a doctor. Gallstones are normally removed from a body with the help of a surgery.

 9. Appendicitis

Appendicitis is one of the most popular health problems which can be treated effectively. Nevertheless, it is crucially important to diagnose the illness quickly in order to perform the operation on time.

Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix which usually entails acute stomach ache. It is essential to know that the pain typical for appendicitis is aggravating quickly. therefore, in case you have noticed such sensations in your own body you shouldn’t wait for other symptoms. You need to visit a doctor immediately.

The inflammation of the appendix is developing quickly, therefore, it is vital to undergo a surgery within 24 hours. Otherwise, the appendix can burst causing massive intoxication of the whole body causing a death.

10. Pancreatic problems

Speaking about the most widespread causes of the pain occurring in the area of the belly button, it is important to point out the problems connected with the pancreas.

Once you have problems with pancreas, you can experience various symptoms. Some of them are very similar to the diabetes. You can also feel nausea and headaches as well as the pain in the area of your belly button.

It is crucial to see a doctor in case you have noticed these symptoms since pancreatitis can change into a chronic form or even cancer. Therefore, you should take care of your health and visit a specialist.

Other Causes of Belly Button Pain

Now you have learnt the miner causes of belly button pain. Sill, these are the most popular culprits of unpleasant sensations. In addition to them, there is a wide variety of other conditions which have one equal symptom. This symptom is the ache in the navel.

Among the acute diseases, entailing such a kind of a pain is mesenteric artery ischaemia. This illness is connected with none of the factors which have already been described in the current article. This is a problem with the blood circulation in one’s body which can lead to insufficient amount of blood in a particular part of the body.

There are more rare illnesses which are normally connected with a chronic pain around the area of the belly button. One of the most popular health conditions are irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, diverticulitis transverse colon, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

It is extremely vital to visit a doctor in case you are experiencing the pain in the area of your belly button lasting more than for 6 months since it can also be a symptom of colon cancer.

Thus, you can see that a belly button pain is not a normal condition of one’s health unless there is no pregnancy. Each case should be diagnosed thoroughly since it can be indicative of some potentially serious diseases.

Several Home Remedies for Alleviation Belly Button Infections

Presumably, one of the mildest malaise connected with a belly button pain is an infection. It has already been mentioned that such an ailment can be entailed by a surgery or piercing. Still, the problem is even more popular especially among the people who have deep and dark cavities of belly buttons.

In such an area, soap and sweat can be accumulated making it a perfect place for the development of bacterial and yeast infections. Sometimes, the problem can be caused by insufficient hygiene, although there are many other reasons such as sebaceous cysts, diabetes, obesity and even exposure to ultraviolet sunrays.

As a result, an infection can entail grey or green discharge, swelling, redness and pain. Fortunately, there are many home remedies which you can apply in order to get rid of these unpleasant sensations.

1. Appropriate Cleaning Procedure

No matter which option you are going to choose it is crucial to clean the area of your navel thoroughly. In case you are suffering from any kind of infections, you should clean your belly button with antibacterial soap and dry it. You need to repeat the procedure several times a day in order to get rid of an infection quickly.

You can apply an antimicrobial ointment on the cavity of your navel after drying the skin. Choose only water-based creams since thy do not block the pores. In case the skin has no way of breathing, the infection can worsen.

2. Salt Water

There is an extremely simple and cheap remedy which you can use at home for getting rid of the inflammation of the belly button.

All you need to do is to prepare a saline solution and apply it on the skin of your navel. Boil water and take a cup of it. Wait until it is warm but not too hot. Add a teaspoon of salt and mix the substance.

Now you can soak a cotton ball in the water and apply it on your belly button. It will help you to kill the infection. Don’t forget to apply an antimicrobial cream afterwards.

3. Tea Tree Oil

One of the best natural antibiotics is an organic tea tree oil. It acts as an efficient antibacterial substance not only against bacteria, but also against fungi and yeast.

The best way to use this remedy is to mix several drops of tea tree oil with a teaspoon of other oil, for instance, coconut oil or olive oil. The liquid can be applied with the help of a cotton ball. The substance should be left on your skin up to 10 minutes and then wiped off with a clean and dry cloth.

Apply the mixture at least twice a day in order to get rid of the illness quickly.

4. Rubbing Alcohol

Certainly, if it comes to a perfect antiseptic substance, there is hardly anything better than rubbing alcohol which is widely used for sterilisation. All you need to do is to soak a cotton ball in the alcohol and apply it on your belly button.

There is no need to clean the skin afterwards. Don’t forget to repeat the procedure regularly in order to boost the positive results.

5. Calendula

One of the herbs which can cure various infections is calendula. It can perfectly soothe irritation, itching and other symptoms of inflammation because of its hydrating and antiseptic properties. In addition to it, calendula helps the skin to heal quickly.

You can use fresh calendula flowers by crashing them and extracting their juice which then should be applied on the skin.

You can also buy an ointment with calendula or make herbal tea with dried calendula flowers which can be applied like a lotion.

You can repeat any of these methods several times a day.

6. Aloe Vera

There is no doubt you know about the fantastic properties of aloe vera gel which can be used for getting rid of the inflammation processes on the infected skin.

If you have this plant at home, you just need to cut a leaf and use its gel. Apply it on your belly button and let it dry. Then you should clean the area with a piece of wet and clean cloth. Now you need to dry the skin.

Don’t forget to repeat the procedure at least twice a day.

7. White Vinegar

You can also benefit from the acidic properties of white vinegar in your struggle with belly button inflammation.

In order to use this substance, you should mix it with warm water in the proportions 1:2. Soak a cotton ball in the liquid and apply it on your skin. Leave the substance for 15 minutes, then clean the area with water and dry it.

The procedure should be repeated at least twice a day.

8. Warm Compress

Although a warm compress won’t help you to get rid of the infection, it will definitely soothe the unpleasant symptoms, especially the pain.

All you need to do is to apply a cotton ball with warm water on your belly button for several minutes. In addition to it, you can take a warm shower.

9. Turmeric

You have probably heard about the strong antiseptic properties of turmeric which is used for treating many infections. Thus, there is nothing strange in the appliance of this plant as a remedy for the inflammation of the belly button.

For instance, you can prepare a simple paste using clean water and turmeric powder. The paste should be applied on your navel and left there until the substance dries. Then you can wipe it off.

You can also add turmeric to your diet in order to boost your immune system. Make a drink with a glass of hot milk, a teaspoon of turmeric and a teaspoon of natural honey.

Additional Tips

As far as you can see it is extremely important to get rid of a belly button pain unless you are  pregnant. While the internal pain can be examined exclusively by a specialist, different kinds of inflammation on the external part of your navel can be cured with the help of effective home remedies.

It is obvious that the prevention of belly button infections is connected with appropriate hygiene. In addition to it, you should only wear such clothes which allow skin to breath.

Definitely, anyone who is suffering from belly button infections shouldn’t scratch the infected area since it can only worsen the condition. Therefore, you should try not to touch your navel unless you need to apply medicines since there is a risk of infecting other areas of skin.

You should also change your diet adding garlic to it as well as vitamin C, antioxidants and zinc. All these ingredients and substances will help you to get rid of the infection, boost your immune system and heal the tissues. It can be also useful to control the level of sugar in your blood. The majority of yeasts are appearing when there is too much sugar in your blood.

While performing any of the procedures described in this article, do not use the same cotton ball twice.

Don’t forget that it is crucial to treat any infections in case you have got your navel pierced or you have undergone an operation. After getting into the wound, an infection may appear in the blood which can cause serious intoxication.

10 Minor Causes of Belly Button Pain You Should Know
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