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Bacterial Vaginosis: Causes, Symptoms and Best Home Remedies

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Bacterial Vaginosis: Causes, Symptoms and Best Home Remedies
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The change of these conditions can cause imbalance in the population of various species. As it has been mentioned in the beginning of this article, this causes bacterial vaginosis.

Sexual Life

The main thing you try to do, although it can be rather difficult, is not to change your sexual partner. Even the use of condoms can’t guarantee, that you won’t get bacterial vaginosis, since the imbalance in the number of bacteria can be caused by mechanical pressure. Nevertheless, this prophylactic media can save you from various other unpleasant and more serious diseases.

Nevertheless, there are several tips, which can help you to keep your vagina healthy. Leading these simple rules may not be able to prevent bacterial vaginosis all the time, but they will certainly decrease the chances of getting this disease.

Intimate Hygiene

The first and foremost thing is your hygiene. Wash the area around your vagina daily, although do not do it too excessively. For example, it is not advisable to use the soaps containing antibiotics as well as special intimate soaps with antiseptic properties. Remember, having a healthy vagina, you should avoid any antibiotics, since they will change the balance. Antibiotics will kill bad bacteria, as well as good ones.

In case there is no special need, you should resign from daily pads. Remember, this product of intimate hygiene prevents your vagina from breathing. As a result, many unpleasant infections begin to develop.

The same restriction concerns the panties produced from artificial fabrics. Such panties won’t let any air to come creating the perfect conditions for bad bacteria, yeasts or fungi to breed.

It is not advisable to sit in the public toilets, since it is one of the easiest way of getting an infection.

Healthy Diet

Remember that a healthy diet is also very important. In order to maintain the health conditions in your vaginal area, you should consume diary sour products daily, or at least, to take some supplement containing the bacteria of lactic acid. These bacteria will boost your immune system and make it resistant to the infections attacking various parts of your body.

Remember, that consuming alcohol works adversely. Alcohol is one the most powerful antiseptics, which can cause dysbiosis in your organism.

You should also make some changes in your diet, in case you don’t want to be vulnerable to yeast infections. The fact is that, yeasts, available in your vaginal area in inactive state start to develop quickly each time you consume sugar excessively. If you have once experienced any yeast infection, you know for sure, that it is an extremely unpleasant sensation. Therefore, take control of the sugar you are consuming.

Avoid Stress

Stress can be a reason for all our diseases. Bacterial vaginosis is not an exception from this rule. Feeling stress makes your organism to change the course of all chemical reactions, which can lead to the problems even in the vaginal area.

As far as you can see, leading a healthy lifestyle can prevent you from many illnesses. Remember, that everything is connected in our complicated bodies; therefore, it is important to help each part of it.

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