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Bacterial Vaginosis: Causes, Symptoms and Best Home Remedies

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Bacterial Vaginosis: Causes, Symptoms and Best Home Remedies
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You can use this plant in a drink. Put a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds into 250 ml of water. The seeds should be left overnight. You should drink the water the next day before breakfast. Repeat the procedure daily and you will feel the relief from your illness.

You can combine the positive properties of yogurt with fenugreek. Just add a teaspoon of fenugreek (this time you will need to take fenugreek powder) to 200 ml of yogurt. You should consume such yogurt twice a day.

You can also prepare tea from fenugreek seeds. Add 250 ml of hot water to a teaspoon of fenugreek. Mix the substance and add a bit of honey. The tea should be consumed several times a day (at least twice a day).

Boric Acid for Bacterial Vaginosis

Boric acid is widely used as a home remedy for various health issues, since it has powerful antiseptic properties. It will help you to get rid of itchiness, irritation and ache in your vaginal area.

The best way to utilise boric acid for healing your bacterial vaginosis, is to purchase this substance in capsules. You should put such a capsule into your vagina before sleeping and rinse your vaginal area with clean and warm water in the morning. The procedure can be repeated twice a week.

Unfortunately, in case you are pregnant, you should avoid this home remedy.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Bacterial Vaginosis

Hydrogen peroxide is another popular substance, which can help you to reduce unpleasant symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, balance pH and decrease the population of unwanted bacteria.

A comfortable way of using this substance in your vagina is to prepare its solution with water in equal amounts. Clean your vaginal area with this mixture. Wait for 10 minutes in order to allow the substance to work and clean your vagina with cold water.

The procedure can be repeated twice a day.

Coconut Oil for Bacterial Vaginosis

Coconut oil is one of the most beneficial oils you can find. As you probably know, it is widely used for addressing beauty and health issues. Bacterial vaginosis is one of the problems, which can be solved with the help of this substance.

You can consume coconut oil with food in order to boost your immune system and make it struggle more effectively with bad bacteria in your vaginal area.

You can also apply the oil inside your vagina three times a day. You can also dip a tampon it coconut oil and leave it there for several hours. The remedy can be repeated daily.

Oregano Oil for Bacterial Vaginosis

You can get rid of bacteria vaginosis with the help of another oil, which has equally beneficial properties for your health. This oil is made of oregano and it is very a very powerful remedy for vaginal disorders.

You can drink water with oregano oil several times a day or use the oil directly in the vaginal area. For this purpose, you will need to mix a tablespoon of olive oil with several drops of oregano oil. Apply the substance into the affected area.

Chamomile for Bacterial Vaginosis

One of the best remedies for vaginosis, as well as other feminine problems is chamomile. This plat has strong antiseptic properties, although its activity is gentle and soothing. Thus, you will be able to correct the population of unwanted bacteria in your vaginal area, reduce the unpleasant symptoms and help the irritated skin of this sensitive area to revitalise.

The best way to apply chamomile is to prepare a cup of tea with a bag of this herb. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t eave the bag in the water for a long time, since it can give all the beneficial properties away. It is recommended to remove the tea bag after a minute and chill it in the refrigerator.

The tea bag should be inserted into the vagina. You can also rinse the vaginal area with a chamomile infusion.

Indian Lilac for Bacterial Vaginosis

Try margosa, which is also known as neem or indian lilac for reducing the population of unwanted bacteria.

In order to prepare a remedy from indian lilac, you should take a handful of its leaves. Put the leaves on the pan and hit them without any water or oil. After the hitting, you will need to wait a bit in order to have the leaves cooled.

Now you can make a powder from indian lilac which should be changed into a paste after adding a bit of water. This paste should be applied into the vagina and around its area.

The paste should be left for half an hour and then rinsed off with water. The procedure can be repeated twice a day.

The Prevention of Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a specific vaginal disorder, which sometimes can be rather difficult to prevent. As far as you have learnt, the vaginal area is full of various bacteria. In order to allow these bacteria breed successfully in this organ, there should be appropriate conditions.

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