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Regarding Airtag Devices: Apple Is Subject To A Class Action Lawsuit!



Regarding Airtag Devices Apple Is Subject To A Class Action Lawsuit!

Hello Apple lovers! Are you one of those using the AirTag devices? Then this one’s for you. Did you know Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit against itself? Yes, you heard that right.

Reportedly, two women have sued the international brand Apple. They faced AirTag stalking and have filed a class-action lawsuit against the beloved electronic company, Apple!

The lawsuit informed the company that one woman found an AirTag tracking device in her car. The tag was present on her car’s wheels that was tracking her whereabouts and more.

The second woman complained about the AirTag that was present in her child’s school bag. The device was planted on her child’s backpack and was tracking their whereabouts. 

The situation is intense, and both women sued Apple on Monday. It was reportedly on the grounds of the dangers that these AirTag tracking devices have. Just like any other tracker, these devices possess a threat to the safety of women, and Apple needs to work on that.

Apple Failed To Give Warning

The company, Apple, also failed to give pre or heed warnings to the news reports and other advocacy groups on the same issue. The class action lawsuit was filed against the electronic company on Monday. 

Regarding Airtag Devices: Apple Is Subject To A Class Action Lawsuit!

It was only when these two women raised their voices at the United States district court for the northern district of California. It accused the electronic company, Apple, of failing against the safety measures.

According to the sources the company was accused of a failure of not provide or introduce effective safeguards. These safeguards were expected to stop or prevent stalkers from using the AirTags to stalk people. 

Many cases have been reported against the AirTags and how they have been used to track and stalk people around the world. Apple failed to deliver the expected safety guards and measures.

Apart from the potential threat they possess to society, two women came forward to complain about how their partners used the Apple AirTags to track their daily routines. One had a fit on a car’s wheel while the other one had it on the child’s backpack. 

These tags just cost around 29 USD and are small portable devices. They can even track things like keys, wallets, and more.

Advantages can be taken, for example, the domestic violence culprits may track their partners. It is one of the cheapest weapons for stalkers and abusers.

Apple didn’t respond immediately but the company made some changes to its products. They also quoted how they condemn the best possible way to act on these malicious uses of their devices. 

Both women complain about their safety and how unsafe they felt due to the constant stalking via the airbag. Lauren Hughes lives in Travis County in Texas and came across the AirTag that was being used to stalk her.

She was also exposed to many threatening voicemail messages and other abusive posts were done from her social media handles.

The lady decided to move on from her stalker after he left some items outside her apartment. She received notification later that day about an AirTag that was traveling with her, and it was on the wheels of her car.

The second plaintiff lives in Brooklyn and found an AirTag in her child’s school bag after the contentious divorce. The device was used to harass, track, and threaten her. Apart from these two many women came forward with the same concern. 

Apple said it would update the AirTag to make it hard for people to track others. With these changes, I closed the alert system that lets one know their phones are being tracked by an AirTag nearby. The lawsuit however concluded that these were not enough and were woefully inadequate. They do not protect android users.