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Kevin Swan


Kevin Swan Kevin Swan cares passionately about the work of the National Institute on Media and the Family, and believes that the National Institute's message has the ability to impact lives and change not only children's upbringing, but in turn affect the very fabric of our society in the upcoming years. Kevin became involved with the National Institute in 2003, after attending a presentation by David Walsh. He believes that the increasing presence of media in our children's lives is becoming an influential and pervasive force in their upbringing today. As a father of two boys who love computers, television, and video games, he is personally involved in the challenge of how to navigate today's media appropriately.

Kevin's career has been primarily in sales and leadership positions within IBM and AT&T Wireless, providing him with countless opportunities to develop and augment strong interpersonal communication skills. Kevin loves public speaking and being on stage, and he is a frequent host of an hour long television show, "The Wishing Well Show", broadcast daily for patients of Children's Hospitals of Minneapolis and St. Paul. He is available to present to groups both big and small. He resides in Eden Prairie, MN.

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